Bulk matcha is Available in the United States for your Sales and Personal use

The Matcha tea business is fast growing due to its many health benefits. The business is projected to grow by over $ 6000 by 2024. If you are planning to set up your own café or retail store, then matcha tea is a great choice for you, you can set up your matcha business, by following simple steps-

 Plan your business

You can do a market survey and check the demand for matcha in your area, then work on your USP and prepare a marketing plan

Study the legal formalities in your area

You can take the help of a professional or research on your own about the legalities of opening a café or a retail outlet in your city.

Prepare a marketing plan 

If you are planning to invest a good amount of money you can hire a digital marketing company to run the sales campaign for you. Target fitness centers, gyms, and other places where people are health conscious.

Provide the best service 

You can hand over a leaflet about the benefits of matcha with your brand logo on it, this will help you create awareness, establish your brand name, and improve your business.

Where to buy matcha tea powder in bulk?

Matcha powder can be bought online, wholesale for the best prices, to order the best quality original Japanese matcha visit our website matcha powder is available in small quantities for individual use and wholesale. To get the details of the prices, please fill the Wholesale Price Request Form below. And we will be glad to send you our Matcha Samples with Details.

 Here is the link for purchasing matcha samples:

Aki Match offers authentic matcha tea powder, cultivated on farms in Japan, without harmful pest control. The aromatic and tasty fresh matcha powder is 100% certified by USDA organic wholesale matcha powder in bulk and small quantities. Matcha tea powder can be purchased online by visiting our website or you can buy it from Amazon and Walmart.

Where do I buy Organic wholesale Matcha Tea Powder in the United States? 

Aki Matcha is USDA Certified. Organic Matcha, Ceremonial Grade, and Spring Harvest. High-Performance Matcha Tea. To buy bulk Matcha and matcha powder for personal consumption and wholesale you can click on the link below


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