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Fighting Off Coronavirus With A Regular Cup Of Matcha Tea

Staying healthy has been the talk of the town amid the COVID-19 pandemic. Wearing masks, practicing good hygiene habits, and eating fruits are the recommended ways to reduce the risk of catching the virus. But are there any other ways to keep the immune system in check?  YES! Start drinking matcha tea prepared with the best ceremonial grade matcha and boost immunity naturally.  Don’t trust our word? We will prove it for you! Research Proving Matcha Boosts Immunity Many types of research have been conducted to prove the effectiveness of drinking the best matcha powder in USA in fighting against COVID-19.  A study was conducted in 2020 to figure out what dietary molecules could break down the proteins of COVID-19....

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Japanese Ceremonial Grade Matcha Green Tea Powder - Is it better than Coffee?

Did you notice the recent discussions on matcha tea versus coffee?  Scientists claim that the Japanese ceremonial grade matcha green tea powder has caffeine content. Did you know that it is less than what’s found in coffee powder? Also, matcha has several health benefits. So, you can notice a rising craze for Aki Matcha's Japanese matcha green tea powder.  But is organic ceremonial grade matcha really a better option than coffee?  No Caffeine Side-Effects in Matcha Indeed, coffee has a reputation for raising the energy level of coffee drinkers. The high caffeine content drives you to work with high energy and concentration. But its effect is temporary. So, you feel the urge to drink coffee again and again. And yes, too much caffeine can cause severe...

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