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Is Japanese Matcha Green Tea Powder The Next Superfood?

Japanese Matcha Green Tea Powder is booming with popularity – thanks to the internet and social media. Now it is described as a superfood and is praised for its numerous health benefits.  Today, we will dive a little deeper and find out the reasons for what makes Japanese matcha green tea powder a superfood - and whether or not it's true.   Firstly let's start with the basics. What is Japanese Matcha Green Tea? Matcha green tea is a particular variety of green tea that is healthier and tastier compared to green tea. Matcha green tea is grown under natural bamboo shade to kick-start the production of chlorophyll. Then the softest among these leaves are handpicked, steamed, and stone-grounded to make Japanese matcha green...

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Ceremonial Japanese Matcha Powder: Everything You Must Know!

What is Ceremonial Matcha? Ceremonial Matcha is a type of matcha that is used in Japanese tea ceremonies. Ceremonial Matcha is the premium quality match that is made from the young tea leaves and the buds harvested during the “First Harvest” season from April to May (Ichibancha).  Aki Matcha ceremonial Japanese matcha powder is made from extremely delicate young leaves that impart a natural sweetness and hold a high concentration of L-theanine.  Another characteristic that sets Aki Matcha ceremonial grade matcha powder different from others, is the chlorophyll content in the leaves which gives it the vibrant green hue compared to other culinary matcha available in the market. How is the best ceremonial matcha powder in Japan made? Japanese follow mandate steps to make sure that only the...

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