5 Ways Matcha Tea Promotes Oral Health

It all basically comes down to the magic of antioxidants once we think of matcha tea and its amazing ability to promote a healthy mouth. 

So how is it so rich in antioxidants compared to the other teas? It's all about its cultivation method. For example, Aki Matcha cultivates matcha in the finest shades of Japanese green tea gardens - bringing you the genuine quality powder. In short, the better the cultivation, the finer the quality, and the better its oral health benefits. To make it clear, let’s dive into how good is matcha for your oral health

5 Oral Health Benefits Of Drinking Matcha Tea

1. Reduces the risk of gum diseases

Did you know drinking matcha tea helps you fight gum disease in a natural way? 

Studies have proven that matcha tea is mainly good to fight gingivitis-a gum disease. It  can prevent periodontitis even in its severe fourth stage - and we know the excruciating such inflammation can be for your gums.

 Aki Matcha organic matcha green tea powder can reverse your gum inflammatory condition while acting as a natural pain-killer. 

2. Eliminates bad breath

We've all experienced horrible morning breaths, but did you realize that coffee leads to it? Yes, you’ve heard it right!

The caffeine in your coffee creates xerostomia, or dry mouth, by reducing the production of saliva in your mouth. When you stop generating saliva, the bad breath bacteria grows.

Unlike coffee, our matcha tea has significant antioxidants and a unique range of components. This  helps you in digesting sulfur compounds and limiting the formation of methyl mercaptan, which causes bad breath.

3. Prevent tooth decay and cavities

Matcha green tea is high in EGCG, a form of antioxidant that has been shown to decrease cavity-causing bacteria.

 As far as tooth decay is concerned, one of the ultimate benefits of matcha tea is that it can inhibit up to ten different types of bacteria causing them

4. Supports dental health with detoxification

Each day we get exposed to toxins and chemicals that can cause chronic diseases in our bodies with time, if left unfound.By chronic diseases, we mean dental issues as well. Luckily our matcha tea has got you covered. 

Adults with metal fillings, for example, may benefit from drinking matcha tea to fight the small quantity of mercury exposure.

Have you been tested for MTHFR mutation? Or do you struggle with natural detoxification?

You may find a mutation in your MTHFR gene. This can prevent your body from properly detoxing, making you more prone to tooth decay and gum disease. No worries!! Drinking more of our matcha tea can help you get cured of such oral disease.

5. Neutralize oral thrush with antifungal properties

Are there creamy color white lesions on your tongue or inside your mouth? 

That can be a thrush! 

Oral thrush, or oral candidiasis, is a disease that can infect weaker immune systems. It's normal to have little candida in your mouth, however, it can occasionally overgrow and cause symptoms like

  • Losing taste
  • Bleeding gums
  • Cottony feeling
  • Irritation & redness
  • Cracks at your mouth corners

Studies have proven that the compounds in our matcha tea can reverse symptoms of oral thrush to improve your immune system. 

Place Your Order For Quality Matcha Powder For Better Oral Health

Picking a good quality matcha powder only can help you prevent the above mentioned  oral health issues. At Aki Matcha, we produce our matcha powders from the best green tea gardens in Japan, Shizuoka - specializing in growing organic  matcha powder . 

Visit our website and order your  matcha powder wholesale from the comfort of your home. You can also visit your  nearest store in the USA.

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