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Our Distribution Centers in USA:

  • Philadelphia PA 19120
  • Cherry Hill NJ 08002
  • Chamblee, GA 30341

+14076971742 or +18565801666
Email: info@akimatcha.com

Aki Matcha
is 100% Authentic Japanese Matcha. It is meticulously cultivated on small, family-owned organic tea fields in Shizuoka, Japan since 1933. The region is known for the largest green tea growing region in Japan and yields some of the world finest matcha powders.


Traditional & Modern

With our hundreds of years of tea making experience. Nowadays, we have combined with modern technology so that customers can use tea with the same high quality as handcrafted by famous artisans but at a lower price.

100% Organic

Our organic standard is higher than all current organic standards in the world. Not only our farm produces according to organic standards, but all the farms around the buffer zone also make organic farms, which ensures the rigor of our production.

Protect Environment

We understand that this earth is unique. Our life depend on nature, so we develop our business based on natural respect, We will not do everything for money, environmental protection for the next generation is our goal. Will you join us?


Aki Matcha LLC
Philadelphia PA, USA

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