In 1933, nestled in the picturesque tea gardens of Shizuoka, Japan, a family embarked on a journey that would forever change the world of matcha. The year was 1933 when the visionary patriarch, Giang Akiyama, set out to cultivate the finest quality matcha leaves. Little did he know that his pursuit of excellence would pave the way for a legendary matcha dynasty known as Aki Matcha.

Giang Akiyama was a man of exceptional passion and determination. Guided by the wisdom passed down through generations, he tirelessly honed his craft, mastering the delicate art of growing, harvesting, and processing matcha leaves. With every leaf, he poured his heart and soul, treating each step of the process as a sacred ritual.

Word of Giang's remarkable matcha spread like wildfire, reaching the far corners of Japan and beyond. Renowned tea connoisseurs and enthusiasts flocked to the idyllic Akiyama tea gardens, yearning to experience the sublime flavors and rich heritage of Aki Matcha. The family's commitment to excellence resonated with every sip, creating an unparalleled connection between tea lovers and the cherished Aki Matcha brand.

Through the years, Aki Matcha remained steadfast in its dedication to tradition, perpetuating the values and principles set forth by Giang Akiyama. Generation after generation, the Akiyama family meticulously tended to their tea gardens, preserving the unmatched quality and unmatched flavor of their matcha.

In 1995, as the world witnessed an increasing demand for authentic Japanese matcha, Aki Matcha expanded its operations beyond the borders of Japan. The family partnered with renowned tea experts, employing state-of-the-art technology to ensure that the matcha produced maintained its unblemished reputation.

Today, Aki Matcha stands as an emblem of excellence and authenticity in the world of matcha. With its distinct vibrant green hue, velvety smooth texture, and unparalleled flavor, Aki Matcha has become synonymous with the finest quality matcha available. Every sip tells a story of heritage, passion, and craftsmanship, transporting the drinker to the lush tea gardens of Shizuoka, where the journey began.

Aki Matcha's commitment to sustainability and ethical practices has remained unwavering throughout its history. The family remains dedicated to preserving the natural beauty of the tea gardens and ensuring the well-being of the surrounding environment. From seed to cup, Aki Matcha embodies the harmonious relationship between nature and tea.

As the sun sets over the rolling hills of Shizuoka, the legacy of Aki Matcha continues to thrive. It is a testament to the unwavering spirit of the Akiyama family, whose devotion and passion for matcha have spanned generations. With each passing year, Aki Matcha enriches lives, bringing joy, tranquility, and a taste of Japan's verdant tea gardens to tea lovers worldwide.
In 2019, the winds of change blew across the Pacific, carrying with them a man driven by a deep love for matcha. Chuong NK (チュオングエン), the current owner of Aki Matcha, found himself in the United States, captivated by the bustling energy and diverse culture. However, something was amiss. Despite the abundance of culinary delights, he realized that the true essence of matcha was yet to be discovered by many in the country.

With a heart full of determination and a desire to share the authentic taste of matcha with the American people, Chuong embarked on a mission to bring the legacy of Aki Matcha to the shores of the United States. He knew that the people here deserved to experience the pure bliss of Japanese matcha, the way it was meant to be savored.

Drawing upon the rich heritage and expertise of Aki Matcha, Chuong painstakingly curated a selection of the finest matcha leaves to be transported from the ancestral tea gardens in Shizuoka to the bustling cities of America. Each leaf was carefully handpicked, ensuring that only the highest quality matcha would grace the cups of discerning matcha lovers in the States.

Chuong's dedication to his craft went beyond just importing matcha. He sought to educate and inspire the American community about the art of matcha, organizing tea ceremonies, workshops, and tastings. Through these immersive experiences, he aimed to awaken their palates to the sublime flavors and harmonious tranquility that matcha brings.

As news spread of Chuong's commitment to authentic matcha and his unwavering pursuit of excellence, Aki Matcha gained a devoted following. People from all walks of life flocked to his matcha cafes and online store, eager to indulge in the pure, vibrant green elixir that had captured the hearts of tea enthusiasts for decades.

Chuong NK became a symbol of matcha's resurgence in the United States. With his passion and entrepreneurial spirit, he propelled Aki Matcha into new heights, capturing the imagination of chefs, health enthusiasts, and anyone seeking a moment of serenity in the midst of their busy lives.

Today, Aki Matcha has become a household name, beloved for its unrivaled quality, authenticity, and Chuong's unwavering commitment to providing an exceptional matcha experience. His vision and dedication have propelled Aki Matcha to become a beacon of excellence, inspiring the matcha culture in the United States and redefining the way Americans perceive and enjoy this revered Japanese tradition.

As the aroma of freshly brewed matcha fills the air in Aki Matcha's cozy cafes and homes across the country, Chuong NK continues to lead the charge, ensuring that the legacy of Aki Matcha flourishes and that the taste of true matcha is savored by matcha lovers on both sides of the world.
Since its establishment in the United States, Aki Matcha has grown by leaps and bounds, establishing itself as one of the leading wholesale matcha suppliers in two of the nation's culinary epicenters: New York City and California.

In the bustling streets of New York City, renowned for its vibrant food scene, Aki Matcha has become a go-to destination for chefs, restaurateurs, and specialty tea shops seeking the finest matcha available. With its impeccable quality and unwavering commitment to authenticity, Aki Matcha has earned a stellar reputation as the premier matcha supplier in the city that never sleeps. Its vibrant green hue and unparalleled flavor have graced the menus of top-tier restaurants and cafes, enchanting even the most discerning palates.

Meanwhile, on the sunny shores of California, where health-consciousness and culinary innovation converge, Aki Matcha has carved a prominent niche for itself. From the trendy cafes of Los Angeles to the vibrant farmer's markets of San Francisco, Aki Matcha has become a staple ingredient for smoothie bowls, lattes, and innovative matcha-infused creations. Chefs and food artisans throughout California recognize Aki Matcha as the epitome of quality, and its availability in the state has elevated the matcha experience to new heights.

Aki Matcha's success as a wholesale matcha supplier can be attributed to its unwavering commitment to excellence, stringent quality control, and the deep-rooted passion of its owner, Chuong NK. With every shipment of matcha leaves, Aki Matcha upholds the centuries-old traditions of Japanese tea cultivation, ensuring that only the highest-grade matcha reaches its valued customers.

Chuong's dedication to providing exceptional customer service and fostering long-term partnerships has endeared Aki Matcha to culinary professionals and matcha enthusiasts alike. The company's personalized approach, attentiveness to specific requirements, and willingness to go the extra mile have made it the supplier of choice for those seeking matcha of unparalleled quality.

As Aki Matcha continues to flourish as a top wholesale matcha supplier, its presence in New York City and California inspires a new generation of chefs and tea enthusiasts to embrace the art of matcha. With its rich history, dedication to authenticity, and Chuong NK's visionary leadership, Aki Matcha is poised to shape the matcha landscape in the United States, enriching the culinary experiences of countless individuals and leaving an indelible mark on the matcha culture in these vibrant cities.


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