Aki Matcha

We are proud to serve you the Authentic Japanese Matcha Ceremonial Grade. 日本からの本格的な儀式用抹茶を提供できることを誇りに思います


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In Japan exist several perfectures where amazing green tea is produced. Shizuoka is one of them and it is such a bautiful place - amazing mountains and hills to develop the perfect and one of the most renown green teas in Japan.

Every leaf tells its story and it whispers you its melody so that you can sing along - green pure organic tea! Your inspiration.

Japan is an amazing country and so is its green tea. And the beauty of each leaf comes from the precious care every farmer puts in, to make the best green tea they can.

Aki Matcha


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Aki Matcha

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Aki Matcha Japanese Matcha Organic Ceremonial Grade Matcha Green Tea Powder

What is Matcha 抹茶 ?

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Where does Matcha come from? 抹茶の産地は?

Aki Matcha
Aki Matcha

AKI Matcha Production Process 生産工程