Ceremonial Grade Matcha Vs Culinary Grade Matcha: What's The Difference?

Matcha is gaining popularity worldwide but it is still unclear what is the difference between ceremonial grade matcha and culinary-grade matcha.

In this article, we’ll discuss the main distinctions between ceremonial grade matcha and culinary grade matcha.

Ceremonial-grade Matcha Tea

Ceremonial matcha green tea is made from the youngest leaves of the tea plant. The stems and veins are removed before being ground into a fine powder form. It is blended in a way that allows it to be prepared as an infusion with hot water alone. The high-quality ceremonial matcha tea need not be sweetened or augmented with any other ingredients.


Organic ceremonial matcha tea is naturally sweet and has a mild flavor. It has a delicate nuance that is best enjoyed when pure and combined with only hot water.

Color, Aroma and Texture

The ceremonial grade matcha is the most expensive. The color is bright green and the aroma is completely different from other grades. It has a fresh, partially grassy aroma that is not very sweet. The texture is smooth but has a strong flavor and a more pronounced aroma than regular matcha.


  • Quite expensive than regular grade matcha, which means it might not be the best option if you're on a budget.
  • It is best used in its raw form. The only way to prepare it is by whisking it into hot water.

Culinary-grade Matcha Tea

The second category of matcha is the culinary grade. This variety is often used to add flavor or color to recipes such as those cookies and cakes. It is a more sophisticated version of the traditional matcha green tea powder. It is made from mature leaves, which have been steamed to remove their bitterness and other undesirable qualities.


Culinary-grade matcha tea tends to be more bitter than ceremonial grade, with undertones of bitterness rather than sweetness.

Color, Smell, and Texture

Culinary-grade matcha tea would not be as strong as the ceremonial grade and would have a more nuanced flavor. Also, it has a grainy texture and can be used in any recipe. The appearance of culinary-grade matcha powder may not be as green as a ceremonial grade, but it is still noticeably green.

It is a perfect grade of matcha for you if you’re looking to experiment with different types of preparations of Matcha tea, like an iced latte or hot latte.

To Summarize

Ceremonial Grade Matcha

Culinary Grade Matcha

Vibrant green color

Less Vibrant green color

Naturally sweet

Moderately Bitter

Smooth texture

Grainy texture

Highest in antioxidants

High in antioxidants

Best for drinking

Best used in cooking


Bottom Line

Ultimately, Ceremonial Matcha and Culinary Matcha are two different grades of Matcha that serve two different purposes. Both Ceremonial and Culinary Matcha is fine to use if you're looking for health benefits, but if you're looking only to use Matcha as an ingredient, then the culinary grade is probably your best bet.

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