Matcha For Weight Loss – Can You Really Lose The Extra Pounds With Matcha?

Matcha For Weight Loss – Can You Really Lose The Extra Pounds With Matcha?

We will answer your question with a big resounding YES!

Matcha for weight loss is not just another hype trend. You know what we are talking about. The South Beach diet, Atkins diet Keto, and blah blah!

In today’s, everyone seems to have the best thing to shed those extra pounds. But the organic matcha green tea powder is not another of these fads. 

Matcha really helps in weight loss. We are not saying this – we have reasons to back up our claims. 

So, sip a cup of matcha and get ready to gain some knowledge and lose some weight!

How Matcha Aids In Weight Loss?

It Has A Low-Calorie Content

We live in a world of deception and lies! The drinks that claim to be super healthy are packed to the brim with processed sugar and calories.

But not matcha for weight loss. It has only 3 calories per serving. So, for the calorie-conscious individual, it’s your go-to drink!

It Boosts Metabolism

Matcha for weight loss tea isn’t just good for boosting metabolism. It’s GREAT!

Technically speaking, matcha doesn’t boost our digestive system. It is its super-powerful antioxidant, Epigallocatechin Gallate AKA EGCG. 

The EGCG reduces inflammation and speeds up the metabolic rate of your body. This means that even if you are doing nothing, matcha is there working to burn off your calories.

It Cuts Those Cravings

EGCG does not just soothe your metabolism with its inflammatory powers. It helps reduce your snack cravings between meals too.

A disturbed digestive system absorbs fats of all kinds in order to shield itself. But a healthy gut system only allows selective fats and nutrients through. After drinking matcha, your body remains satisfied and out of hunger for a long time.

There’s another amazing thing about matcha for weight loss! It regulates the production of the Leptin hormone. This is the hormone your body system releases when hungry. 

It Burns Fat

Do you know what happens when your body burns fat? It uses a powerful biochemical process to break the large fat proteins into small triglycerides. It then processes the tiny particles out of the system.

Catechin plays a major role in this process. It makes it easier to break down difficult fat and turns them into energy. This boosts up the body’s thermogenesis by up to 4 times its usual rate.

And guess who’s super rich in catechins? It’s our MATCHA! 

It Gives Energy

Truth to be told, coffee has more caffeine than matcha for weight loss. As soon as you drink a cup of coffee, the caffeine surges through your body. It gives you an instant awake feeling followed by jitters.

But matcha’s caffeine is different. Instead of a sudden burst of energy, the rich and complex amino acids in matcha get a sustained flow of energy for hours.

No crash, no caffeine jitters.

So, what does energy have to do with weight loss?

Well, with more energy, you will –

  • Put extra efforts into workouts
  • Cook healthy meals instead of ordering unhealthy ones
  • Sleep better

All of which is AMAZING for weight loss.

No More Struggling With Weight Loss!

Now that you know the convincing reasons behind matcha for weight loss, time to begin your wellness journey! 

Grab bulk matcha powder from the trusted brand Aki Matcha. We organically source and manufacture our matcha directly from Japan. This is to ensure we keep intact the freshness and goodness of Japanese tea.

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