6 Ways To Make Your Matcha Taste Delicious

6 Ways To Make Your Matcha Taste Delicious

Have you ever pondered, "what can I add to make matcha taste delicious?" or "what can you add to make it less bitter?"

If you love matcha and are looking for ways to elevate its taste - you've come to the right place!

Here, we will give you some at-home matcha tips to enjoy a yummier taste from your favorite green powder. 

What Can You Add To Make Your Matcha Taste Better And Healthier?

When it comes to making your matcha taste better, the possibilities are endless: matcha bread, matcha pancake cereal, matcha pink drinks, matcha pumpkin lattes - and the list goes on.

But that's just the tip of the iceberg. 

Here are our 6 favorite ways to make matcha taste better and healthier:

1. Add Salt to Matcha| Add Matcha to Salt 

This can go two ways. You can sprinkle some matcha latte powder on your sea salt or add a few granules of sea salt to your regular matcha powder.

Though it might sound contrary to adding salt to your daily matcha, it's definitely an option. Some salt contains essential minerals and trace minerals - and using it lightly on your matcha will give your all-day energy a boost of electrolytes. 

Alternatively, you can also add a dash of salt to your lemon water, and you can drink it before your matcha.

2. Herbal Matcha

In case you are not aware, it is always recommended to become familiar with as many herbs and spices as possible. 

Wondering why?

This is because each type of spice is filled with helpful antioxidants and healthy compounds.

Adding fresh herbs and a range of spices brings depth to what we eat - and, in the case of matcha - what we drink.

Ceremonial-grade matcha is excellent in its own way. But if you run on a tight schedule and have little time to sip one only healthy drink each day, you can add a few sprigs of fresh rosemary, cilantro, sage, thyme, and/or mint to your matcha.

This will make your matcha more special, and you can also experiment with what works best for your taste buds.

3. Spiced Matcha 

Just like herbs mentioned above, spices offer a range of phytonutrients, trace vitamins, and a breadth of flavors.  

This will make your matcha taste better and will also contribute to your well-being. 

There are many spice options to add to your matcha, like lemon or lime zest, orange peel, cardamom, coriander, fresh ginger, and turmeric root.

Unless you have fresh spices available, consider adding a powdered form to adapt to the fine froth of matcha tea.

When you select spices, keep in mind your taste preferences. Remember, high-quality matcha powder has a savory flavor. Hence, a sweet and citrusy flavor often goes well with matcha.

4. Bulletproof Matcha Tea

Matcha green tea is a natural source of all-day energy and also helps you relax your appetite if you're fasting.

One of the most popular ways of enjoying matcha is making it bulletproof by adding some healthy fats to it: olive oil, MCT oil, or virtually any fat of your preference.

Remember, there are some fats that are better and some that you would want to stay away from.

5. Matcha to Coffee 

For some, it may sound counterintuitive, but you can do it. 

And if you are adding matcha to your coffee, we recommend selecting premium grade matcha like ceremonial grade matcha.


Because such matcha powder has rich contents of amino acids - especially L-theanine, these specialized brain-boosting molecules create a synergy with caffeine and may help balance coffee jitters, caffeine-induced anxiety, and the detrimental effects of having too much coffee.

6. Chocolate Matcha

Chocolate and matcha go in ways that you have probably no idea about. The bitter-sweet taste of dark chocolate, when enjoyed with each sip of matcha, helps elevate the complex, deep, and savory elements of matcha tea. 

Here are a few ways to enjoy chocolate with matcha:

  • You have a bite of chocolate before taking your daily bowl of matcha.
  • You can bake chocolate bars with nuggets of matcha inside it.

Which Is Your Favorite Way Of Enjoying Matcha? 

Drinking matcha doesn’t have to be boring. You can customize it to your own taste buds and enjoy it in every sip along with the health benefits it adds to your health. Order finest quality wholesale matcha powder from Aki Matcha and enjoy the best quality delivered straight to your doorsteps. 

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