8 Delightful Ways To Sweeten The Earthy Matcha Green Tea

Matcha tea has been a traditional beverage in Japan for ages. Not too long ago, it spread across the world like wildfire. This has brought in many tasteful variations to the classic earthy drink.

Most people prefer sweetened matcha powder. But not many of them love the taste of white sugar in their matcha tea, as it cuts out the original taste of matcha - and we agree too!

The good news is, you don’t have to rely on regular white sugar to enjoy your sweetened matcha green tea! Read on to find 8 amazing ways to sweeten your matcha green tea without adding regular white sugar to it. Don’t miss to pick your favorite sweetener from the list and give it a try today.

Maple syrup

There is hardly anyone that loathes the yummy maple syrup. So, why not put it in our regular matcha tea?

The maple syrup perfectly  complements the earthy flavor of matcha. But it contains 260 calories per 100g. So, if a little extra calories doesn’t bother you, maple syrup can get you that sweetened matcha powder.


Stevia is a common sweetener in most beverages. Their “zero-calorie count” factor is what makes it a favorite sweetener. 

It is considered a direct sugar substitute. But note that this sweetener doesn’t completely take away the earthy flavor of matcha. It simply matches the matcha’s subtleness.

Light coconut milk

There are tons of matcha sweeteners available. But only a few ones like light coconut offer the sweet, floral and nutty flavor. 

The light coconut milk is waterier than its regular sibling. It’s also a healthier alternative to regular coconut. So, if you’re looking for a powerful sweetener to match your matcha, do try light coconut milk.

Macadamia nut milk

We are huge fans of macadamia nuts and the tons of flavors it provides. The macadamia nut milk is pleasantly thick and smooth. It’s rich nutty, and buttery flavor brings it to the top of our sweetening choices. 

Agave syrup

Most of us who have tasted agave syrup know that it is very sweet (sweeter than sugar). But trust us, it won’t ruin your earthy matcha tea. In fact, it will elevate the taste of the Japanese matcha powder.

There are several variations of agave syrup. The darker agave brings in a strong caramel flavor while the lighter one has mild flavors (almost neutral).

Coconut sugar

Coconut sugar may not make it to the top of the list of ways to sweeten matcha - but is definitely a good choice.

This coconut sweetener is mildly sweet. It is like brown sugar (both in taste and appearance). For those of you who’re looking to try something innovative with a caramel-like distinction, coconut sugar will be the perfect fit for you.

Apple honey

Fusing apples and honey is quite easy-peasy. Tons of vegan recipes merge the two in all kinds of foods and drinks. For matcha tea lovers, this can be a great choice as a sweetener.

Medjool date

This sweetening choice is the most unique on this list. Medjool date is a fresh fruit that has a rich caramel taste. They are quite high in calories and antioxidants. 

The Medjool dates bring in a subtle sweetness to the earthy drink. Make sure to blend the dates before adding to the matcha drink. 


We’re sure you could shortlist a couple of choices from the list to sweeten your matcha tea. Now, shop the premium quality best ceremonial grade matcha from Aki Matcha- and enjoy the benefits of this miraculous tea!

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