Authentic Japanese Matcha Powder from Japan Wholesale

Authentic Japanese Matcha Powder from Japan Wholesale

Matcha is an amazing health drink grown on farms in Japan, the powder is sold in two categories the Japanese Ceremonial grade matcha and the culinary matcha, due to its health benefits there is a great demand for matcha tea powder in the international market. Aki Matcha sells wholesale matcha powder that is grown in the farms of Japan.  

Matcha tea is used as a supplement for brain health, it improves the cognitive functions of the brain and strengthens the neurotransmitters, which in turn improves our nervous system. It affects every other function in our body and works on the overall well-being of a person. 

There is a great demand for matcha tea wholesale, as nutritionists highly recommend matcha tea for boosting your energy levels. Matcha tea also helps improve heart functions, and balance the hormones. 

Buy Organic Japanese Matcha Wholesale 

 Aki Matcha sells the best variety of authentically grown organic matcha from Japan.  Wholesale organic matcha is sold in bulk on our website, we also sell organic Japanese matcha powder in bulk on Amazon, Etsy, and Walmart. 

Right from the farms of Shizuoka village in Japan to your home, we bring to you the most authentic matcha experience! Japanese matcha green tea is being consumed all over the world. The matcha tea is grown in shade and harvested very with care to retain its real authentic taste and flavor.  It has a pleasant taste which is called “umami”, in the Japanese language. Aki Matcha gets you Premium organically grown matcha, 

Order your favorite matcha powder from the comfort of your home in the US. try delicious matcha smoothies or tasty desserts, you can make lattes and add a scoop of matcha powder to any of your favorite food it blends well almost with every flavor, all you have to do is add a little matcha powder into your beverage and enjoy the immense health benefits of matcha tea.  

Wholesale matcha green tea powder for sale in the United States 

To get the samples and learn more about the prices, kindly log on to We sell in bulk and smaller quantities  

The wholesale and retail price request form, on the link given below, we would love to respond. Here is the link for purchasing samples:

Japanese Organic Matcha is now available in the US

Matcha tea is a great health supplement for the improvement of your brain functions, the powerful combination of L-Theanine and caffeine has a healing effect on your brain, L-Theanine removes the side effects of caffeine, it does not give a sudden boost in your energy levels and then crash down after a short time, like the other caffeinated beverages, it gives you a sustained energy boost. 

Aki Matcha brings you premium quality matcha powder in the United States, the matcha tea is grown in the shade without the use of harmful chemicals  pesticides and fertilizers, our Aki matcha tea powder is 100% certified by the USDA, We sell wholesale matcha green tea powder on our website, you can also buy it online from amazon, Etsy and Walmart, for best quality Japanese matcha  click on the link below

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