Buy Bulk Matcha Powder from the Comfort of your Home in the US

Buy Bulk Matcha Powder from the Comfort of your Home in the US

Superfood matcha tea powder is the best replacement for coffee and an excellent source of sustained energy. It keeps you in a great mood and boosts your cognitive health, a great source of antioxidants compared to other green tea. It calms your nerves and improves your immune system. Matcha is Highly popular among fitness and sports lovers, and the incredible benefits of matcha tea have increased its demand in all countries. Bulk matcha powder of the highest quality is now available to you online.

Matcha Nutrition and Health Benefits

Matcha is a type of green tea cultivated in Japan. sold in the market in the form of matcha tea powder, bulk matcha powder, Organic matcha powder, and matcha health supplements. This tea is packed with nutrients that benefit our overall health 

Nutritive Value of Matcha Powder

3 OZ of matcha powder contains,68 mg of Caffeine,39 mg of L-Theanine,578 mg of Protein, and 242 mg of Catechins

Matcha helps in managing weight and post-workout recovery 

Poor metabolism is one of the main reasons for weight gain, the Catechins present in matcha powder, improve metabolism. The high amount of chlorophyll present in matcha powder is a natural detox. It eliminates harmful toxins and heavy metals from the body and gives you flawless skin. Matcha tea, taken after heavy and high-intensity workouts, speeds up the recovery.   

Prevents cell Damage 

Japanese green tea is packed with antioxidants and catechins, which prevent cell damage. Catechins improve our immune system by fighting oxidative stress. 

The most powerful catechin present in matcha EGCG, a high dosage of EGCG catechin prevents cancer. Research has proven that EGCG protects cells from damage. Hence it prevents the damage of DNA damage and inhibits tumor cell growth. 

Matcha for a Steady Energy Boost.

It doesn’t spike up your energy level and then crash it after a few minutes, it boosts your energy levels and keeps it going steady for a long time, unlike coffee

Caffeine and L-Theanine

Matcha tea’s effectiveness lies in the unique blend of caffeine with L-theanine. This combination eliminates the negative effects of caffeine.

L- theanine is an amino acid that improves brain function, it gives a boost to your neurotransmitters and improves your overall health. It improves cognitive functions, alertness, and relaxation. It makes you focused and energized, and the improved production of neurotransmitters like dopamine and serotonin, it gives you a feel-good factor.

Matcha tea is available as a brain-boosting supplement, and Matcha tea powder is used as an ingredient in dressing flavored drinks, the consumption of matcha powder is increasing in every country, it is available in bulk, look for bulk Japanese green tea, high-quality matcha, can be naught in bulk organic matcha powder bulk. You don’t have to go to the café to enjoy your matcha drinks, whisk a scoop of matcha powder in a bowl and use it with any of your matcha recipes.  AKI MATCHA sells USDA Certified Organic, Ceremonial grade Matcha Green Tea Powder, made in Japan.

Aki Matcha, a company that sells the original matcha tea powder from Japan, is certified as organic by ECOCERT Japan.

Buy high-quality Bulk Matcha Powder 

Bulk matcha is now available in the United States, AKI MATCHA, sells USDA-certified matcha powder and organic matcha in bulk. We sell Original Ceremonial grade Matcha Tea powder wholesale, Ceremonial-grade matcha is cultivated in Japan. It is grown in the shade by tea farmers in Japan, AKI MATCHA sells matcha powder in bulk, buy it online on Amazon or Walmart.

Japanese Green Tea in Wholesale 

Buy the latest batch of matcha powder online, Organic matcha powder can be purchased wholesale online, for wholesale pricing and orders visit our website matcha powder is available in small quantities for personal use and wholesale. To get the details of pricing, please fill out the Wholesale Price Request Form below. And we will be glad to send you our Matcha Samples with Details.

 Here is the link for purchasing matcha samples:

Aki Match offers 

  • Original and authentic matcha tea powder, cultivated in the farms of Japan, without the use of any harmful pest control 
  • Matcha tea powder with great health benefits 
  • Colourful aromatic and tasty and fresh matcha powder 
  • 100% certified by USDA organic wholesale matcha powder in bulk and small quantities 
  • Matcha  tea powder can be purchased easily online by visiting our website or you can buy it from Amazon and Walmart.

Organic Matcha is the Best Selling beverage and  

Aki Matcha is USDA Certified. Organic Matcha, Ceremonial Grade, and Spring Harvest. High-Performance Matcha Tea. To buy bulk Matcha and matcha powder for personal consumption you can click on the link below

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