matcha green tea for skin

Can matcha green tea really get you healthy skin and bouncy locks?

Aging and depleting levels of collagen have become a nightmare for the skincare freaks. But thankfully, using matcha green tea for skin has worked like a genie to them. The Japanese matcha green tea powder has saved them a futile trip to the skincare clinic. 

Matcha is packed with collagens! And what can be the better ingredient for skin and hair other than collagen? 

Let’s take a broader look at why the world is singing laurels about matcha being good for skin and hair. 

Matcha Green Tea For Skin

The best ceremonial grade matcha uses the entire leaf instead of a teabag. It is organic and toxic-free which is why it is called the “skin savior”.

Let us now look at the benefits of matcha green tea for the skin–

Fights Acne

Are you tired of pimples popping up on your face now and then? Then, matcha green tea for skin can put an end to your worries. 

The anti-inflammatory properties of matcha reduce chronic skin issues like acne and rosacea. 

Fights Aging

Who among you is looking for the skin of a 20-year-old in the ’50s? 

We have good news for you. 

Use the miraculous matcha green tea for skin to achieve that youthful look. The catechins of matcha tea trap and deactivate radicals from the skin, which in turn slows down the signs of aging. 

How to use matcha green tea for skin?

  1. Oral Consumption

There are benefits of drinking matcha for the skin. Also, it tastes pretty good. You can add a spoonful of matcha powder to your nutty oatmeal or make classic lemonade out of it.

  1. Surface Application

Mix Greek yogurt (or water) and matcha tea for the skin. Apply the paste on clean skin.

Matcha Green Tea For Hair

All hair types need collagen for keratin and healthy hair growth. It is matcha green tea that can gift this collagen to your hair and make it lustrous.

Benefits of matcha tea for hair 

Reduces scalp inflammation

The matcha green tea soothes and calms an irritated scalp. It keeps irritability and itchiness at bay which otherwise leads to scratching of hair. That ultimately leads to hair loss (and you won’t like that).

Boosts hair growth

The nutrition provided by vitamin E of matcha tea is unmatched. It boosts the circulation of blood which in turn promotes bouncy hair growth. The matcha tea nourishes the hair strands from deep within. 

Your hair looks like it’s just back from the salon.

How To Use Matcha Green Tea For Hair?

  1. Oral consumption

Oral consumption of matcha tea brings flawless hair. You can mix up the matcha green tea with a milk of your choice or make a refreshing lemonade out of it.

  1. Hair mask

You can also make an easy DIY hair mask from matcha green tea. All you need is coconut oil, shea butter, olive oil, and matcha powder. Mix it all up and your amazing hair mask is ready.


Matcha green tea for skin and hair is the best thing that can happen to you.

But not just any matcha powder will give you glowing skin and lustrous hair. You need to use the “excellent grade matcha powder from Aki Matcha”.

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