Ceremonial Japanese Matcha Powder: Everything You Must Know!

What is Ceremonial Matcha?

Ceremonial Matcha is a type of matcha that is used in Japanese tea ceremonies. Ceremonial Matcha is the premium quality match that is made from the young tea leaves and the buds harvested during the “First Harvest” season from April to May (Ichibancha).

 Aki Matcha ceremonial Japanese matcha powder is made from extremely delicate young leaves that impart a natural sweetness and hold a high concentration of L-theanine

Another characteristic that sets Aki Matcha ceremonial grade matcha powder different from others, is the chlorophyll content in the leaves which gives it the vibrant green hue compared to other culinary matcha available in the market.

How is the best ceremonial matcha powder in Japan made?

Japanese follow mandate steps to make sure that only the best matcha powder is being sourced around the world.

The tea leaves are planted in rich volcanic soil and they grow through the natural process, like any other tea leaves.

Once the tea leaves are harvested, which is usually the first harvest, the leaves have to go through a shading process to get the premium quality matcha powder. 

 In this process, the tea plants are moved away from the sunlight and are grown under shade. This process is crucial because it changes the amino acid contents of the tea leaves which give the matcha the mellow, umami taste.

 After the harvest, the veins, stems, and all other impurities are removed from the leaves and they are steamed, dried, sorted, and

cut. Then the leaves are grounded and made into a fine texture without any grainy feel.  

If the tea leaves are not being grounded immediately, they are stored in a refrigerated room to preserve the freshness of the leaves.

 This is exactly how our ceremonial Japanese matcha powder is prepared, except we don’t store it in the refrigerator and ground it directly to get the optimum taste, nutrients, and freshness.

Benefits of Japanese matcha green tea powder

Japanese matcha green tea powder of Aki Matcha is filled with benefits:

Here are a few of them:

  • Rich in antioxidants.
  • High in EGCG
  • Promotes a healthy body and healthy heart.
  • Energy booster. 
  • Helps reduce weight. 
  • Great for metabolism.
  • Good for teeth.
  • Prevents cancer.
  • Improves concentration.
  • Great for skin
  • Easy to prepare.

ceremonial grade matcha powder

How to prepare matcha tea from ceremonial Japanese matcha powder?

To prepare matcha tea from ceremonial Japanese matcha powder you’ll need

  • A Whisk
  • Scoop
  • Sifter
  • Matcha Bowl
  • Hot Water ( 175 degrees).
  • Start by sifting the matcha into a bowl (this is to make sure there is no grainy texture).
  • Add some amount of hot water to the bowl.
  • Whisk the mixture until it turns smooth.
  • Then add 6 ounces of water to the mixture.
  • Start whisking it until it turns frothy.
  • You can add some milk or chocolate to it, to tweak the taste.

 Once done, pour the frothy mixture into a bowl, and you are all ready to enjoy taking a sip.

Note: Everyone has their own taste and preferences. So feel free to play with different ratios, depending on your taste.

Our Ceremonial Japanese Matcha Powder

  1. Authentic Japanese Organic Matcha - Super Ceremonial Grade Matcha- Limited Edition

Aki Matcha ceremonial grade matcha is one of the highest-grade Japanese matcha powder brands in the US market. We source it directly from the organic farms in Shizuoka, Japan. Our matcha powder has no artificial colorings or flavors and gives you a pleasant taste without any hint of bitterness. 

The natural beautiful green color of Aki Matcha coupled with the Umami taste gives you an exceptionally tasty, creamy feel that you’ll find in no other matcha powder. 

  1. Authentic Japanese Organic Matcha Green Tea Powder- Ceremonial Grade 

Another ceremonial grade matcha powder, made from the first harvest of organic green tea leaves, is sourced directly from the “Match Green Tea capital” of Japan, Shizuoka. Aki Matcha authentic Japanese organic matcha green tea powder gives you a creamy, tasty, smooth mouthfeel taste without being too bitter or too sweet. 

Aki Matcha ceremonial Japanese matcha powder is rich in micronutrients, vitamins, antioxidants, EGCG, and chlorophyll and you taste it, you’ll be wanting for more,

Once you try our Japanese matcha tea powder, you’ll certainly fall in love with the smoothness, the color, the texture, and, obviously, the taste. 

Final Thoughts

Aki Matcha ceremonial Japanese matcha powder is packed with everything - taste, nutrients, color. It’s often hard to believe that one tea can have so many advantages to offer. It feels nothing but magical. 

Just one cup of Aki Matcha Japanese matcha green tea powder every day, and all your health problems will be at bay.

So what are you waiting for? Place your order for best matcha powder in Japan - Aki Matcha, today!

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