Get the Best Quality Wholesale Matcha Powder in the US

Matcha tea is gaining a lot of popularity due to its great health benefits, especially due to its high level of antioxidants, it benefits heart health, and weight loss and is a great booster for brain health.

Where to buy the best quality Matcha tea?

AKI MATCHA sells USDA Certified Organic, Ceremonial grade Matcha Green Tea Powder, Made In Japan, shade-grown Matcha Tea powder sourced from family tea farms in Japan. We sell Organic Matcha powder, 

You can now enjoy your favorite Matcha drinks from the comfort of your home. Add a scoop of our colorful Organic Matcha powder to your favorite Matcha recipes such as Matcha lattes, and other Matcha smoothies, and enjoy the amazing health benefits of Matcha tea.

Matcha Powder Wholesale 

We have the latest batch of Matcha powder, which is the First Harvest of 2023. This exclusive product is now readily available for purchase. On Amazon and Walmart 

Wholesale pricing and orders from are available to any business or individual who wishes to purchase a wholesale volume of Aki Matcha Powder.

👉 Please fill out the Wholesale Price Request Form below. We will send you our Matcha Samples and Details.

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High-Quality Premium Organic Matcha

Aki Matcha brings you the ceremonial grade organic matcha green tea powder from Japan, it is superior in quality, is carefully sourced and hand-picked, it ensures the highest quality and vibrant green color that gives you an authentic Matcha experience! 

Enjoy a refreshing cup of delicious Matcha tea, our organic Matcha powder is perfect for both traditional tea ceremonies and modern recipes, packed with antioxidants, our ceremonial grade Matcha green tea supports overall well-being and provides a natural boost of energy without the crash that you experience after consuming caffeine.

AKI Matcha is a trustworthy source, we take pride in offering the finest organic Matcha made in Japan. We are committed to quality, which ensures you enjoy a premium Matcha experience, every time you use it. 

At Aki Matcha, we aim to deliver substantial value to our esteemed customers. This value has two primary aspects, firstly the inherent health benefits of our Matcha products, and secondly, the exceptional taste they offer, combining these two elements, we strive to provide an unparalleled experience that satisfies both, the desire for a healthy lifestyle and the taste of exquisite flavour.

We supply 100% USDA-certified Matcha Green Tea Powder wholesale. which is pure, shade-grown, Matcha Green Tea Powder, grown without the use of harmful pesticides and fertilizers. 

Our tempting and smooth Matcha will tantalize your taste buds and leave you craving for more, purchase Aki Matcha now on Amazon to experience true indulgence!! 

High Quality Superfood

Matcha is Rich in Antioxidants and is a great source of Natural Energy and Mental clarity. This is the best-selling product of Aki Matcha – USDA Certified Organic Matcha – Ceremonial Grade - Spring Harvest. High-Performance Matcha Tea. for bulk Matcha and regular consumption you can click on the link below 

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