How Does the Best Matcha on Amazon Taste Like?

Curious about the taste of matcha tea? Indeed, you must have heard about the various health benefits of matcha. And you do want to try it. But what about the taste? Is it appetizing?

Basically, there are two kinds of matcha available in the market- culinary and ceremonial. While the former gives off a bitter taste, the latter is a bit sweeter. 

But wait, there's more to it! 

The texture, the smell, the taste, everything is unique about matcha. So, allow this blog to help you explore the taste of the best matcha on Amazon.

Vegetal- the Green Grassy Taste

Indeed, the vegetal taste is the main feature of Japanese matcha tea powder. Harvesting, steaming, and grounding of green tea leaves contribute to this grassy flavor. 

And you cannot find this vegetal flavor in Chinese matcha powder. As the Chinese matcha tea leaves get pan-fried, they give off a nutty flavor. 

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Umami- the Oceanic Flavor

How can you guess that your purchased matcha is of the best quality? Definitely, it will give off an oceanic flavor.  

How does this flavor come to the green matcha? There's a lengthy process that goes into preparing the top-quality matcha powder. 

Briefly, Japanese farmers keep the green tea leaves in complete shade for three weeks before harvesting. Undoubtedly, this shading increases the content of chlorophyll. And it is this chlorophyll that contributes to the umami taste in the green powder. 

Smooth Texture

Smoothy aftertaste is the characteristic you can get from the best ceremonial grade matcha on Amazon. Yes, the premium-grade matcha has a buttery-rich texture. 

But there's one point to note. If you plan to have matcha powder mixed with warm water only, make sure to whisk the mixture well. Otherwise, there will be clumps of matcha settling down at the bottom of the container. Ensure that your matcha drink's consistency is frothy and rich. 

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Sweet And Bitter Taste

Already given in the intro- ceremonial grade matcha gives off a slightly sweet taste, and culinary gives off a strong bitter flavor. And this is the reason why you must use culinary-grade matcha in various recipes. By this, you can cover the bitter taste. You must have heard about matcha lattes and matcha cakes. Well, these dishes have culinary-grade matcha powder in them. 

Whereas with the ceremonial grade, you can drink it by whisking it in warm water. 

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From Whom to Get the Best Matcha on Amazon?

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