How to Choose the Best Matcha Supplier for Your Needs?

Since matcha green tea powder is high quality and expensive compared to regular green tea leaves or green tea bags, choosing the best matcha supplier can be tricky. We will talk about the factors you should consider before making your final decision. Let’s get into it!

Factors to Consider When Choosing the Best Matcha Supplier


Make sure to choose a matcha supplier that sources high-quality matcha from trusted sources. This will ensure the quality of the matcha powder is consistent and the best possible quality.

Various Varieties 

Also consider the variety of matcha products the provider offers. Look for a matcha supplier that offers various options for different needs, such as green tea powder, matcha latte, matcha tea latte, matcha hot tea latte, and matcha chanpon. This way, you get to find the perfect matcha powder for your preferences and dietary needs.


When it comes to pricing, compare prices among different suppliers to find the best value for your budget. Also consider the quality of the products in terms of packaging and ingredients. The more high-quality products a matcha supplier has, the lower its costs will be.

Reviews and Testimonials 

Research reviews and testimonials of matcha supplier to make sure you are working with a reliable matcha supplier. This will help you get an idea of the quality of their services and products before making a purchase.

Delivery Policies of Matcha Supplier 

When choosing the best matcha supplier for your needs, there are several considerations to keep in mind. As with any product, it's vital to check the supplier’s delivery policies to make sure they can deliver to your location. This will help ensure the quality of the matcha powder is consistent and that the powder doesn't go bad during transit.

Customer Service of Matcha Supplier 

Before choosing the best matcha supplier, it's vital to determine the type of customer service and support the supplier offers. This will help you get the best value for your money and ensure that your experience with the supplier is positive. You can ask about the product delivery timeframe and whether they offer free shipping. This will help you plan your purchases accordingly and avoid the hassle of waiting too long for your products to arrive.

Let’s Sum Up

As matcha is the highest grade of green tea, the quality of the tea leaves and the powder are of utmost importance. The best matcha tea leaves are hand-picked and shade-grown to ensure optimal quality. 

A good matcha tea should be bright green in color and have a fresh grassy aroma. The flavor of matcha tea ranges from subtly vegetal to strongly vegetal and usually has a slightly bitter aftertaste. When searching for the best matcha tea, price is not the only factor to consider. 

Look for quality matcha tea that offers benefits and is fresh and sustainable. Also, opt for matcha tea suppliers with good reviews online to ensure high-quality products.

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