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How To Choose The Best Quality Matcha Powder?

Matcha is known for its characteristic flavor, excellent nutrition, and bright green color. From your smoothies to your skincare products, you will find matcha in everything. It has become quite prevalent in recent times. 

However, drinking matcha started a thousand years ago.

As the popularity of matcha soared, many companies have started making their own matcha powder.  But finding genuine matcha powder among so many bogus products is a challenge.

Hence, to assist you in identifying the best quality matcha powder and enjoy the health benefits and full flavor of matcha itself, we bring you some of the ways to identify a high-quality matcha powder (compared with low-quality matcha). 

Indicators To Consider While Looking For High-Quality Matcha Powder


Matcha is originally from China, but it gets perfected in Japan. Some of the renowned matcha growing areas of Japan are Uji, Nishio, Aichi, and Kyoto, and it accounts for 80% of total Matcha production in Japan. In these areas, matcha is grown in the shade, hand-picked, and is stone ground.


One of the easiest ways to evaluate a good quality matcha powder is to assess its color. Matcha is usually deep green. Deep green-colored matcha is harvested in shading with bamboo mats. And matcha grown under direct sunlight does not have proper nutritional value.

So, when you see the brownish or yellowish shades of Matcha powder, you should stay away from it. Such color indicates that the matcha powder was stored incorrectly, like in the sun, or it is old. 


Check its texture, meaning the more finely ground the powder is, the higher will be the matcha quality. You can find the diameter of one fleck of matcha powder equal to that of the diameter of pollen in Aki Matcha. This texture makes it easy for you to blend it with water. You should avoid the coarse-grained ones. 

You can also take a simple test to assess the speck's thickness. Dip your finger into the matcha powder and draw a line on paper. The finer your matcha powder is, the longer your line will be.


Good quality matcha smells grassy and refreshing like a subtle sea. It holds a vegetable aroma to it.

If you get any musty stench in the matcha powder, avoid investing in it.


A good-quality Japanese matcha green tea powder should not be in contact with humidity or sunlight. So, if you get the packaging of a thin element, half sealed, or made up of any transparent elements, then the matcha powder will soon become moldy, losing its properties. 

You will find premium quality packaging and matcha powder from Aki Matcha across the world in stores or online. 

Authentic certification

Matcha powders awarded an organic certificate serve a better purpose for their consumers and mother nature, as they are produced without using artificial fertilizers or pesticides.

Likewise, you can consider Aki Matcha and get your hands on organic matcha green tea powder. Aki Matcha imports matcha directly from the organic farms of Japan and has been bringing organic matcha to the USA since 1933. 

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