Is Ceremonial Grade Matcha the Best?

If you want my answer, it will be a big YES.

It's unmistakably earthy, lively, and buzzy, whether in the vibrant glass of a cake or on your menu at the neighborhood café.

The ceremonial matcha is a favored, timeless choice for those who wish to change their coffee habits, improve their palate buds, or just consume a lovely drink.

Moreover, the outcome cannot be beaten. It likes when you leave a movie theatre and walk into the bright light, you feel relaxed, but also focused and awake at the same time.

To tap into that feeling of freshness in every sip, scroll on: take a look at the ceremonial grade matcha, its advantages, its quality, and the accessories that are used to create or break your home matcha.

What does ceremonial grade matcha mean?

Ceremonial Grade Matcha is the best quality grade of matcha tea powder. This highest grade of  Matcha called the ceremonial grade is used in Japanese rituals. It consists of the youngest tea leaves, all of which have been removed to ensure a particularly smooth flavor and texture.

Its inherent sweetness makes it suitable for the ceremonies of tea and for those who wish to have a more traditional matcha style.

The color is vivid as the color of the lawn or the leaves, and the touch and fragrance of newly cut grass must also be really exquisite. It is meant to be sweet and powerful, organically, and needs only warm water. You drink and serve it directly at tea ceremonies.

However, it might be a flavor that is strong!

Ceremonial grade matcha

Benefits of ceremonial grade matcha for your health

As we have already mentioned in our previous blog in (7 Proven Benefits Of Ceremonial Grade Matcha Powder For Your Health) that “Can ceremonial grade matcha tea have superpowers?”

If you have read it through you have got your answers on the health benefits of ceremonial grade matcha.

If you haven’t read it yet, you should now…

Is Japanese Ceremony Tea still practiced today?

The Chado/Sado or Japanese tea ceremony is a ritual of Japanese history. It is the ceremonial manner in the traditional tea room with a tatami floor for making and consuming matcha tea. In order to appreciate the hospitality of the visitors, in an environment different from the rapid speed of ordinary lives, the main aims of a tea ceremony are not just to serve and taking tea.

The Japanese tea ceremony is nowadays a hobby, and tourists may also experience it in some places. Kyoto and Uji are some of Japan's top Tea culture destinations.

How to make ceremonial grade matcha powder from green tea leaves?

To pulverize the green tea leaves, you can use a mixer. Just pulse it 3 seconds, shake a bit, relax and repeat.

If it seems too coarse, crush it with a pestle in a bowl. Do not forget to sift the powder and continue to grind until it's fine.

In fact, Matcha is 100% green tea leaves that are crushed into a fine powder. It is significantly more potent than normal green tea and just 1⁄2 to 1 teaspoon per cup is enough.

Best time to drink organic ceremonial grade matcha

It appears to those who adore Matcha that it is always the appropriate time for a drink.

But are there certain times that Matcha can be better to enjoy?

We think Matcha can be drunk four times. However, you may restrict your consumption to two times a day if you are sensitive to caffeine.

Morning- Probably after getting up or leaving for business, the ideal time to drink organic grade matcha is right.

Matcha gives you a fantastic boost in caffeine and helps you remain awake. It is truly the ideal replacement for morning coffee, but also for caffeine it is healthier and lower.

Before working out - A little Matcha might help you improve your workout before exercising.

It can also be used with high protein soy milk to aid rebuild muscle.

After a meal- Try a cup of organic ceremonial matcha together with your meal if you have a food-coma often after lunch or supper. A little matcha might enable you to correct this late drowsy sensation after a loud supper.

At night- Matcha may appear to be counterproductive at night, particularly if you are sensitive to caffeine. But before the end of the night matcha will maintain your energy free of sleep.

All in all, there is no one best time to have a cup of Matcha.

If you love Matcha, feel free to enjoy it whenever you feel like you wanna have a cup!

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