Is Japanese Matcha Green Tea Powder The Next Superfood?

Japanese Matcha Green Tea Powder is booming with popularity – thanks to the internet and social media. Now it is described as a superfood and is praised for its numerous health benefits. 

Today, we will dive a little deeper and find out the reasons for what makes Japanese matcha green tea powder a superfood - and whether or not it's true

 Firstly let's start with the basics.

What is Japanese Matcha Green Tea?

Matcha green tea is a particular variety of green tea that is healthier and tastier compared to green tea. Matcha green tea is grown under natural bamboo shade to kick-start the production of chlorophyll. Then the softest among these leaves are handpicked, steamed, and stone-grounded to make Japanese matcha green tea powder.

Matcha green tea is originally from China but later was introduced to Japan in 1191- owing to the decrease in popularity in China.

But now it is known and is one of the most-demanded teas worldwide. 

Is Japanese Matcha Green Tea Powder Healthy?

Here are some of Japanese matcha green tea powder benefits:

  • Lowers Blood Pressure and Depletes The Risk of Developing Coronary Heart Disease

According to studies conducted between matcha green tea and black tea, drinking matcha green tea reduces Coronary Artery Disease (CAD) and also has effects on lowering blood pressure.

  • Filled With Anti-Inflammatory Properties

Japanese Matcha Green Tea Powder contains a compound called Rutin. This compound has anti-inflammatory properties, supports the immune system and helps seal blood vessels. It also helps slow down the oxidation of vitamin C.

  • High Antioxidant Properties

Japanese Matcha Green Tea Powder is rich in polyphenol compounds- which are rich antioxidants known to fight against cancer properties in our bodies.

Weight Loss

  • Provides Burst of Energy 

A sip of the best Japanese ceremonial tea can instantly boost your energy without inducing too much caffeine into the body.

  • Helps Reduce Weight

The presence of polyphenol Epigallocatechin Gallate (EGCG) in Japanese Matcha Green Tea Powder increases the metabolism rate.

  • Reduces Cholesterol Level

Studies confirm that consuming authentic green tea decreases LDL-cholesterol concentration and serum TC in the body.

  • Reduces Stress and Anxiety

The EGCG component in Japanese Matcha Green Tea Powder helps lower stress levels and anxiety among humans.

 Coming back to the fundamental question…

 Is Japanese Matcha Green Tea Powder is Truly a Superfood?

The only answer to the question is YES! Matcha is indeed a superfood. All the benefits that Japanese Matcha Green Tea Powder brings make it hard not to consider it a superfood. 

 Also, people drinking Japanese ceremonial grade matcha green tea powder daily are way healthier than people who don't drink them. 

So if you are not on the consuming end of drinking the best matcha green tea powder, probably you must start today!

Order The Best Japanese Matcha Green Tea Powder Today 

Now you know all the reasons why Japanese Matcha Green Tea Powder is considered a superfood across the world. They are healthy, tasty, low in caffeine- giving you the best of both worlds.

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