Japanese Ceremonial Grade Matcha Green Tea Powder - Is it better than Coffee?

Did you notice the recent discussions on matcha tea versus coffee
Scientists claim that the Japanese ceremonial grade matcha green tea powder has caffeine content. Did you know that it is less than what’s found in coffee powder? Also, matcha has several health benefits. So, you can notice a rising craze for Aki Matcha's Japanese matcha green tea powder. 
But is organic ceremonial grade matcha really a better option than coffee? 

No Caffeine Side-Effects in Matcha

Indeed, coffee has a reputation for raising the energy level of coffee drinkers. The high caffeine content drives you to work with high energy and concentration. But its effect is temporary. So, you feel the urge to drink coffee again and again. And yes, too much caffeine can cause severe insomnia. 
Comparatively, the content of caffeine in matcha is less. And it works at a slower pace than that in coffee. Therefore, the body feels the energy throughout the day with only one cup of Japanese ceremonial grade matcha green tea powder.

Reduction of Stress and Anxiety

Presence of L-Theanine in ceremonial grade matcha powder helps lower stress. Did you know that the production of alpha brain waves calms down the agitated nerves? Hence, you can feel a sense of calmness in Aki Matcha's Japanese organic matcha green tea powder. 
But with coffee, there is a chance that you may feel more anxious with daily overconsumption.

Antibacterial Properties

Yes, Aki Matcha's Japanese matcha green tea powder contains antibacterial properties. Therefore, it keeps your mouth fresh. Say bye to teeth stains from coffee consumption by upgrading your daily beverage to matcha. 

Rich Antioxidants

Indeed, researchers claim the possession of antioxidants in rich amounts in the best Japanese ceremonial tea. Such antioxidant properties reduce the risk of cancer.

However, instant coffee is known for its carcinogenic effects. Therefore, daily consumption of coffee can increase the possibility of cancer.

Helps in Effective Weight Loss

You must have heard about coffee decreasing the appetite quotient. Well, it is correct as it helps in reducing hunger. As a result, one starts losing weight. But it harms the metabolism.
On the other hand, the Japanese ceremonial grade matcha green tea powder helps burn the extra calories. Moreover, it increases the metabolic function in the body.
Thus, grab Aki Matcha's ceremonial grade matcha green tea powder if you plan to lose weight healthily.

How is Japanese Ceremonial Grade Matcha Green Tea Powder Different from Green Tea?

Often, we tend to mix the properties of green tea with matcha. Unquestionably, not all green tea leaves qualify to become matcha. 
For making Japanese matcha green tea powder, green tea leaves need proper shading. Accordingly, this shading process increases the level of amino acids in the tea leaves.
Then the process of picking and grinding the leaves happens. Ultimately, you get the vibrant green-colored matcha powder. While ceremonial has a sweet taste, culinary has a bitter taste.

Aki Matcha- Provider of Japanese Ceremonial Grade Matcha Green Tea Powder

Now you know about Japanese matcha green tea powder benefits, so try contacting Aki Matcha. Undoubtedly upgrade your choice from coffee to the best Japanese ceremonial tea.
Indeed, Aki Matcha gets praised for selling the best ceremonial grade matcha.

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