Matcha for Diabetes

Matcha for Diabetes: A Sip Towards Sugar-Free Life

Matcha green tea is not only famous for its beauty and aesthetics. This soulful drink hides quite a few life-saving properties behind it, with the major one being - preventing diabetes.

Diabetes is a life-changing disease affecting 88 million American adults, each year .Under such threatening circumstances, if we say “one” tea can combat diabetes? Sounds far-fetched? But it’s true!

Matcha combats both Type-1 and Type-2 diabetes - all in all, a superfood! The EGCG or Epigallocatechin gallate in matcha does not let the vascular muscle cells soften down (the softening occurs due to blood glucose levels). It also helps in the reduction of bad cholesterol levels (LDL). 

People suffering from diabetes are prone to kidney diseases. Matcha also provides protection against potential kidney and liver disease without causing any effect on the blood glucose level.

This is just a gist of the benefits of matcha tea for diabetics. Read on to discover many more such ways how matcha for diabetes is your savior!

Matcha green tea for weight loss

Being overweight can be far more dangerous for people suffering from diabetes (especially type 2 diabetes) than those who don't. Thankfully matcha for diabetes is a solution for this circumstance as well. 

The EGCG present in matcha green tea causes a reduction in the fatty generation of the pancreas. This, in turn, inhibits weight gain and hinders the creation of PTP1B (tyrosine phosphatase), the direct instigator of diabetes and obesity.

Here's how it works:

  • The EGCG of matcha green tea stimulates all the binding proteins present in the glucose mechanism.
  • EGCG then sends a signal of insulin shortage to the young fat cells.
  • When you keep a fast, matcha intake can help in the reduction of the glucose level in the bloodstream.
  • Polysaccharides present in the tea also make matcha for diabetes quite effective. 
  • The EGCG is also helpful in reducing the fat storage of the body and improving its glucose tolerance.
  • Fulfills your sugar cravings with no actual sugar intake 

Matcha green tea for Diabetes Prevention and Care

Extensive research has been conducted to figure out the right amount of green tea intake for diabetic people. While matcha for diabetes is very beneficial, it too should be taken in certain quantities. The conclusion of these researches shows the recommended amount: 2 cups of green tea a day. 

If you have diabetes - this amount will be "just the right" to fulfill your daily sugar cravings and will also keep diabetes at bay and protect your well-being. 

According to the Journal of Clinical Biochemistry and Nutrition, the consumption of green tea is linked to reduced levels of triglycerides, BMI (body mass index), LDL cholesterol, and fasting glucose.

Matcha green tea also inhibits fat deposition around the abdominal and organ areas. All in all, it creates a huge positive impact on the metabolic problem that potentially causes Type-2 diabetes.

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