Matcha Green Tea: How Much Matcha Is Too  Much Matcha?

Matcha Green Tea: How Much Matcha Is Too Much Matcha?

It seems like organic matcha green tea is literally everywhere. This Japanese tea has become the new cool kid in the tea aisle. It is being lauded for everything – from its unique shamrock color and herbal flavor to an amazing spectrum of health benefits. 

The matcha craze really exploded when the actress and wellness influencer Paltrow posted a picture on her Instagram. She called the matcha latte her “dreamy new discovery”. The post sparked 21,000 likes. Soon people were trying matcha out of curiosity or to be just trendy.

But you can’t just consume the matcha green tea anyhow you like. There is a recommended daily dose of matcha. Ignore that and you may need to face the wrath (side effects) of matcha. 

How Much Matcha Green Tea Should You Drink Daily?

It is important you keep a track of how much matcha you drink in a day. According to health experts, you shouldn’t drink more than 3 cups of matcha a day. Surpassing 5 cups is a big NO NO! 

Organic matcha green tea is rich in caffeine. So, moderate intake is always the best choice. This will help to ensure that you are gleaning all the benefits of the drink without getting any side effects. 

What Is The Best Time For Drinking Matcha Tea?

When it comes to enjoying matcha green tea, morning and mid-afternoon are usually the best. Though when you drink matcha largely depends on what you are hoping to benefit from.

  • If you are using matcha as a tool for relaxation while doing office work, drink it 30 minutes before starting work. It can also consume matcha while working for long periods.
  • If you are looking to lose weight with matcha, consume matcha 15 minutes before a workout.
  • If you want to improve your sleep, replace your afternoon coffee with a cup of matcha green tea
  • If you are fasting, have matcha tea without any additives during the fasting windows.

Side Effects Of Drinking Matcha Beyond Recommended Limit

Matcha has significantly fewer side effects than other types of caffeine. But nonetheless, it is powerful. 

Like all caffeinated beverages, drinking too much matcha can show side effects over time. Here are a few complicated side effects that can occur when you drink way too much matcha.

Stress And Anxiety

Drinking matcha green tea beyond the recommended limit can lead to jitteriness and discomfort. So, if you are already prone to stress and anxiety, keep your matcha intake low. 

Difficulty Sleeping

Always try to drink matcha tea earlier in the day. That’s because consuming matcha later in it day can make it more challenging to fall asleep. It can upset your sleep schedule and contribute to existing and future health issues.


Not only can consuming too much matcha cause you headaches, but it can also be a problem when you quit. That’s because your body builds up a response to the caffeine in matcha. You will find that you need to continue to drink more and more. 

The Quality Of Matcha Also Matters!

Different qualities of matcha green tea have significant chemical differences. Low-grade matcha comes with many harmful side effects and risks. Consuming them even moderately can cost you hefty. 

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