Matcha Green Tea Powder: The secret tea from Japan

The benefits of green tea is famed throughout the world. Nowadays a new category of green tea is soaring the market: MATCHA!

Matcha is everywhere, in lattes, in ice cream, in donuts, in soups. Thanks to their alluring color packed with thousands of health benefits.

Matcha is nothing new. The history of matcha tea dates back to the twelfth century.

The Japanese and the Chinese are enjoying the benefits and the unique taste of match for more than 800 years. It is being used as a ceremonial beverage.

No doubt why the Japanese look so young and healthy!

The popularity of matcha is going mainstream and is winning over even the most avid coffee drinkers.

Unlike green tea, where leaves are steeped in water, matcha green tea powder is made from ground-up tea leaves, giving the drinkers the extra concentration of leaves’ nutrients.

Excited to know all matcha green tea powder? Sure you’re are!

Let’s dive straight in….

How does organic matcha green tea powder taste?

Though matcha and green tea are made from the same leaf, but organic matcha tastes a little sweeter and creamier compared to regular green tea. Also, organic matcha green tea powder has a “grassy” or spinach-like taste, especially if you use too much of the powder.

To improve the taste and to satisfy your taste buds, you can also use drink matcha with milk, cream, and also hot chocolate.

With our super ceremonial grade matcha, you will get taste and health all in one cup.

 Matcha Green Tea Powder

What are the matcha green tea powder benefits?

  • Rich in antioxidants called catechins, which prevents cell damage and chronic diseases.


  • Has innumerable health benefits: protects the liver, prevents cancer, promotes heart health, improves immunity.


  • Matcha is great for focus and brain functioning.


  • Boosts skin glowing - thanks to its sky-high vitamin levels.


  • Helps burn more calories and shed extra pounds.


  • Matcha is great for calmness and it has high concentrations of L-theanine.


  • Good for oral health.


  • Easy to make and is more fulfilling than a cup of coffee.

We can write a whole blog about the benefits of matcha green tea powder.

It is truly unbelievable and astonishing to know a simple cup of matcha brings in so many benefits.

How to prepare matcha tea from matcha green tea powder?

Matcha tea can be prepared in two predominant traditional ways: usucha and koicha.

Note: Before preparing matcha tea from matcha green tea powder, you must sift the powder thoroughly, to make sure there are no clumps.

Also, to prepare matcha the right way, you need certain tools handy.

Chawan: A wide bowl for whisking and drinking the matcha.

Chashaku: A handy bamboo spoon to measure the required amount of matcha green tea powder.

Chasen: Also known as a bamboo whisk, it is a famous matcha tool used for whisking matcha into a frothy texture.

How to prepare Usucha?

This is a common process of making matcha green tea and is also known as “thin tea” as it is lighter.


  • Start by warming up the chawan with some water.


  • Then empty the water and dry out the chawan.


  • Sift 2 chashaku scoops (2 grams/ 1 tablespoon) of organic matcha green tea powder into the chawan.


  • Pour over ⅓ cup of water into the The water should have a temperature of 190°F.


  • Using a chasen, whisk the matcha vigorously in a “W” (zig-zag) motion to evoke healthy delicate bubbles. You can also use a bamboo whisk.


Once you get a bowl of creamy, smooth matcha with bright color and umami taste, you’re all ready to take a sip of your matcha.

How to prepare KOICHA?

Koicha is also known as “thick tea” because of it’s thick style, viscosity, and complex flavor.

Preparing koicha requires twice the amount of matcha green tea powder and half the amount of water.

Note: This matcha preparation is not for beginners.


  • Start by preheating the chawan


  • Sift 4 chashaku (4 grams/ 2 tablespoon) of matcha green tea powder.


  • Pour 50 ml of water into the chawan. The water temperature should be 190°F.


  • Using the chasen, knead the matcha slowly, in a circular pattern to mix the matcha and the water into a paste to get a smooth syrup consistency.


Note: Unlike usucha, this matcha should not have any air bubbles.


  • Mix the organic matcha green tea powder properly, and also add some water to the mixture, if


  • Once done, you’re ready to enjoy Koicha.


Normal Process

If you’re not a fan of making matcha by the above-mentioned ways, worry not, there is an easy way out too.

For this preparation all you need is some hot water and a whisk.


  • Take a bowl and sift the matcha


  • Add some hot water to the matcha green tea powder and whisk it until it turns foamy.


  • Add some milk, to get some taste.


  • Once done, pour the matcha in a cup and you are ready to take a sip.


Remember the taste and the effectiveness matcha depends on the quality of matcha green tea powder you are using to prepare the tea.

Getting your hands on the best matcha green tea powder will make all the difference.

Check out our best matcha green tea powder, imported from the organic tea fields in Shizuoka, Japan.

Once you get the taste of our finest matcha green tea powder, you’ll be left wanting more.

Final Thoughts

Unless you’re living under a rock, the benefits of matcha is no secret! The unique taste coupled with its health benefits is truly magical.  To get the best from matcha, you must choose the right matcha green tea powder.

We bring you the finest quality of matcha green tea powder, directly imported from Japan. Our matcha is 100% organic and no preservatives or chemical colouring. Order them today!

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