Matcha Wholesale Supply: Why It Is Hard to Find Quality Matcha Powder and How We Can Help

Recently, there has been a rise in the demand for matcha worldwide. Obviously, you can't ignore the health benefits that come along with it. However, when you search to buy organic matcha, there are limited options. So, if you are looking for organic matcha supply, you can grab from Aki Matcha's matcha wholesale supply. 

But have you wondered why organic matcha is so rare in the market? 

Reason for Rare Availability 

You must already know that Japan is the chief producer of matcha tea plants. Organic matcha has been in the diet of Japanese from ancient ages. However, reports say that only a minority section in Japan practices the culture of having organic matcha tea. Clearly, organic cultivation is costlier than non-organic one.

Also, organic matcha tea plants require separate plots to avoid easy infestation. Certifications for organic green tea involve complicated processes. Not to mention, cultivation involves the laborious tasks of fertilization as well. Therefore, Japanese farmers tend to avoid the growing of organic tea plants.

The matcha supplier, Japan, complains that only a minority section prefers organic green tea. The Japanese trust the farmers- the farmers who avoid the production of organic green tea. Undoubtedly with this ultimate trust, the demand for organic is also lower.

About the taste, the non-organic matcha is more flavorful than the organic one. Undoubtedly, the shading process contributes to the bitter taste of the organic. Only the brave Japanese farmers initiate the production of organic matcha tea plants. 

If you are interested in the positive benefits of organic matcha, look for wholesale matcha powder from Aki Matcha. Yes, the company is gaining a reputation for its matcha wholesale supply.

How Aki Matcha Comes to the Rescue

Did you know that the best quality matcha comes from the Shizuoka region of Japan? This area has all the geographical necessities favorable for the growth of premium-quality matcha tea plants. And Aki Matcha's ceremonial grade matcha bulk comes from the particular region. 

Unquestionably, a lot of hard work involves producing green matcha powder. The tea plants need to get proper shade twenty days before harvesting. Air drying the leaves follows next. Then the leaves are separated and grounded to form the ultimate green matcha powder.

Matcha wholesale supply

Hence, you cannot doubt the quality of Aki Matcha's bulk matcha powder and the bulk ceremonial grade matcha.

So, are you tired of hunting for organic matcha powder? Come and seize from Aki Matcha's matcha wholesale supply. 

Matcha Wholesale Supply of Aki Matcha

Indeed, among the wholesale matcha suppliers, Aki Matcha stands as the best. So, if you are taking a step towards keeping yourself healthy, do try the affordable matcha from the company. Are you trying to include matcha dishes on your menu? Aki Matcha, with its matcha wholesale supply, is your ultimate option.

With Aki Matcha, you can achieve your dream of tasting the unique flavored healthy matcha recipes with ease.

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