Rules for Storing Matcha Tea Powder at Home: Matcha Wholesale Supply

Are you a matcha tea devotee? Do the unique taste and health benefits of matcha influence you? Then there's some good news in this blog for all matcha lovers!

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Coming back to the discussion. Are you looking for ways of storing matcha powder at home?

Surely you are, because matcha tea powder is a bit more delicate than ordinary tea leaves. Indeed, you should follow a few guidelines so that your precious matcha powder doesn't perish right away.  

The Rules to follow are –

Direct Sunlight to Matcha Wholesale Supply Powder? A Strict No-No

Are you aware of the shading process of Japanese matcha tea plants? Well, it is this process that makes matcha distinctive- filled with the richness of chlorophyll, L-theanine, amino acids content. 

What direct sunlight does? Clearly, it destroys these components in matcha powder. Moreover, the sun can ruin that extraordinary taste of matcha. 

Therefore, keep your wholesale matcha powder in glass containers, away from sunlight. If possible, keep the containers in closed cupboard space.

Should You Store Matcha Wholesale Supply Powder in Fridge?

Definitely, not a good idea. 

By wanting to keep the container away from heat and sunlight, you may want to keep matcha in the fridge. Be assured that you will ruin the quality by doing this. How?

When you bring the matcha-filled jar out from the cold temperature, the warm air outside hits the jar. As a result, moisture develops both inside and outside the container. And there the flavor goes. 

Grab Aki Matcha's matcha wholesale supply and enjoy the flavorful matcha tea by not storing it in the fridge. 

Don't Let Moisture In

One of the reasons you should keep matcha in sealed containers is to avoid the entry of humidity. Moisture can make powder form into clumps. 

And you won't get frothy matcha tea. 

Or the taste may vary in matcha recipes.

Does your home suffer from moisture problems? Then think twice before getting the ceremonial grade matcha bulk. 

Clean Containers are Must

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After buying the powder, make sure to store it in clean containers. 

Matcha powder tends to absorb any aroma. 

Indeed, you desire the vegetal, umami flavor in your matcha tea. So don't let the flavors fluctuate. 

Also, pay attention to the type of container you will be using. Unquestionably, it must be non-transparent and airtight. Away from sunlight and moisture, and stocked in cleanliness.

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