Step-By-Step Guide To Bake The Spongiest Gluten-Free Olive Oil Matcha Cake

Step-By-Step Guide To Bake The Spongiest Gluten-Free Olive Oil Matcha Cake

All of us love matcha, right? It is the perfect morning refreshing drink that keeps us going through the day without any jitters. 

But did you know there are many innovative and relishing ways to consume this earthy Japanese matcha green tea powder? Yes indeed! 

There are tons of recipes by which you can incorporate matcha into breakfast/dessert dishes. But here, we’ll be specifically focusing on the moist, nutritious, and filling gluten-free olive oil cake. Learn how to make this new, fun matcha cake to make your mornings more exciting (and delicious)!

How To Make The Gluten-Free Olive Oil Cake?

Ingredients You’ll Need

You’ll need the simplest of ingredients for this matcha cake. This recipe comes together quickly with the ingredients you likely have in your pantry:

Gluten-Free Oats (1 ½ cup)

You can buy a big bag of gluten-free oats and then make your oat flour. Use a spice grinder or a high-speed blender if possible. Make sure the oat flour comes out super fine. 

Matcha (1 tsp)

The star ingredient of our matcha cake recipe. We recommend you use the ceremonial grade matcha from Aki Matcha. It will bring an intense flavor to the cake.

Vanilla Protein Powder (2 servings)

This ingredient is optional. If you prefer to skip it, add two extra tablespoons of almond flavor and some sweetener. Since protein powder was supposed to be the main sweetener in this matcha cake recipe.

Almond Milk (1 cup)

Almond milk works a charm in baking recipes. Especially when it’s paired with oats or oat flour. The oats soak all of the milk and render a nice moist texture to the cake.

Olive Oil (1 tbsp)

Olive oil is seldom used in baked oats recipes. But this matcha cake demands olive oil and for good. It adds a rich level of texture that makes the cake so much better.

Substitute Ingredients You Can Use

  • For olive oil: Coconut oil, almond oil, or vegetable oil
  • For almond milk: Oat milk, soy milk, cashew milk, rice milk, etc.
  • For vanilla protein powder/ sweetener: Agave syrup, brown rice syrup, or maple syrup
  • For gluten-free oat flour: Plain flour


Step 1 – Preheat the oven to 350F. Prep the cake pan by buttering and lightly flouring. Then, line it with parchment paper.

Step 2 – Next whisk the oat flour, baking powder (1/2 tsp), matcha, and protein powder together. If you love a strong matcha flavor, double the amount of matcha powder.

Step 3 – Add the almond milk and olive oil to the mixture

Step 4 – Pour it into the oven bowl and bake it at 350F for 20-25 minutes. The middle of the matcha cake must be perfectly set and the top golden brown. Let the cake cool for around two hours.

Step 5 – Top it with vegan Greek yogurt and a generous sprinkle of matcha powder

Step 6 – Eat!

How To Store The Gluten-Free Olive Oil Matcha Cake For Later?

One of the best parts of this matcha cake is that it stays fresh for at least 3 days. Just make sure to wrap it up tightly in individual slices and store it on the kitchen counter. We suggest not refrigerating it since it can dry out the cake.

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