Try New Tasty Matcha Recipes Every Day With Aki Matcha

Aki Matcha is one of the USA's oldest and best quality matcha mix company. We have been serving healthy and tasty matcha mix to Americans since 1933. 

With our new matcha mix and matcha recipes, you can enjoy your afternoon tea enriched with ample health benefits and taste.

Before jumping into making something delicious by following our matcha latte recipes, let us learn a little about matcha and Japanese matcha green tea powder

What is Matcha?

If this is the first time, you've heard the word "Matcha," probably you've been living under a rock.

Matcha is basically a type of special tea, finely grown and processed green tea leaves grown in Japan. Depending on the cultivation location, matcha holds a distinct flavor and taste. 

Aki Matcha's matcha is mainly grown in Shizuoka in the southern part of Japan, near Mount Fuji. The tea harvested here is authentic and rich in flavor and nutrients that keep the heart, skin, and health healthy. 

Why is Aki Matcha Better than others?

Aki Matcha is grown in Shizuoka. The entire area is blessed with unique mountainous terrain, mineral-enriched soil, a gentle four-season climate, an abundance of sunshine, just the right amount of rainfall, and a special factor adding its distinct flavor, the dense coastal fog. These are all the ingredients and factors necessary to grow unmatched tea leaves for Aki Matcha.

How to make an iced matcha green tea latte?

This summer, if you want to stay refreshed without damaging your health by consuming extra sugar, you should go for some iced matcha green tea latte. Nothing beats the heat more than a perfectly made glass of iced matcha latte.

There are thousands of iced matcha latte recipes you can find online to prepare - and definitely, you can enjoy every one of them. But before going for everyone, try the classics first. 

For the classic iced matcha latte recipe, you will need the following ingredients:
  • 6 ounces of milk
  • 1/3 cup of Aki Matcha powder mix
  • 1 cup of regular ice

The Preparation Time of this recipe is about 20 minutes. 

How to Prepare:

Easy Process With An Electric Frother: 

Take a pot and mix Aki Matcha powder with milk. Mixing cold milk with the matcha could take some more time than other common tea leaves. You can use a hand frother or whisk. It is a great tool to make it frothy and well mixed. After the mix is frothy enough for you, add the ice. 

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