Want To Add Some Flavor To Your Matcha Tea? Top 5 Flavors That Compliments Match The Best?

Matcha popularity is soaring high! It’s so much in demand that from Starbucks to local restaurants - every food chain’s menu has varieties of matcha items in their list, including lattes, desserts, candies, and even shots.

With these many varieties available in the market, restaurants often started to formulate their own matcha flavor foods and drinks to attract new customers.

So for your convenience, here are 5 flavors that, when mixed with the famous Japanese matcha powder, result in some delicious, yummylicious taste!

5 Flavors That Go With Matcha Very Well


The best way to enjoy the matcha is with its traditional Japanese pairing. Part of the beautiful matcha tea ceremony, wagashi is a Japanese confection that generally uses ingredients like rice flour and beans along with some seasonal delicacies. These are served alongside unsweetened matcha tea to balance the slightly bitter taste of the tea.


Another remarkable pair is lemon. Adding a squeeze of lemon to your cup of matcha can significantly increase the number of antioxidants available for absorption. In fact, a study by Purdue University found that in a non-acidic environment, the intestines only absorb 20% of the green tea’s antioxidants. So adding lemon along with great will ensure your body has an acidic environment to absorb the majority of catechins(green tea’s antioxidants) present in the green tea.

Cocoa Powder

A bit of cocoa powder can also help in adding some freshness and taste to your matcha. Cocoa is one of the few earthy flavors that go with matcha really well. Cocoa mixed with matcha gives a double boost of antioxidants to your body. While it’s not a traditional companion, you can try some cocoa powder products like dark chocolate or chocolate chips if you are just starting to drink matcha tea.

The Starbucks Matcha Latte

Well, we can’t be talking about the best flavors and forget the famous matcha latte of Starbucks.

Starbucks has perfected the way to blend the Japanese matcha powder with milk. In case you want to save some bucks, you can make a latte at home too. Just do the similar steps as you do while making cappuccinos at home and instead add matcha tea with steamed milk.

Frozen Yogurt

Frozen yogurt can also make a perfect companion for the matcha. Even though you can choose other dairy products, including milk, cream, and cheese. Yogurt is the healthiest choice. And frozen yogurt not only helps with the taste but with the texture too.

With the addition of frozen yogurt, the sweetness never overwhelms the taste or flavors, and you get a healthy and delicious treat.


Along with these top 5, you can also add flavors such as vanilla, almond, red adzuki bean, honey, and your sweet maple syrup too. These flavors can improve the slightly bitter and intense taste of matcha and will result in an even more delicious delicacy.

But none of them will make your day great unless you use them with the highest quality of Japanese matcha powder. If you are looking to buy some for your home, visit Aki Matcha, the company is famous for providing 100% organic and the best matcha powder in USA. Order and taste the finesse yourself.

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