What are the benefits of matcha?

What are the benefits of matcha?

Matcha tea has become a favorite drink of the health-conscious worldwide, consumed all over the world due to its various health benefits.

  • Matcha powder gives you sustained energy, unlike other caffeinated beverages, which spikes your energy levels and suddenly brings it down. The combination of caffeine and L-Thenine makes it a source of sustained energy for a long time. It is an amazing pre-workout drink, enjoyed by fitness lovers and sports persons worldwide
  • Is good for your heart health, it helps in lowering bad cholesterol, improves the metabolism, and detoxifies your body.  
  • Improves your cognitive ability by improving brain function, strengthening the nervous system, and helping your neurotransmitters. The result is a healthy hormonal balance   
  • Taste good and improve endocrine health. It keeps you feeling good and healthy throughout the day 
  • Good source of antioxidants, helps you reduce a lot of oxidative stress in your system
  • Natural source of caffeine, it is found to be much better than other traditional source caffeine sources of 

Matcha Latte Powder Recipe

If you are using the matcha latte powder, then all you need is ½ a cup of hot water, add the matcha latte and mix well, till it turns smooth, if you want it to be rich in taste you can add some creamy milk for taste. The matcha latte powder is a ready-to-use mix, easy to make, and tasty to drink.

If you are using ceremonial matcha to make a Matcha Latte it can be prepared in a couple of simple steps, and you can manage the amount of calories that go into making your delicious latte. All you need to make a delicious and healthy latte is 3/4th cup of hot milk, 2 teaspoons of honey or maple syrup for taste, 1 and ½ teaspoons of Aki Matcha powder, and one tablespoon of hot water. 

Take the Aki Matcha powder and sift it then use a bamboo whisk or a metal whisk it in a tablespoon of hot water till it turns frothy, add honey or maple syrup for taste, and whip in some milk if you prefer the typical creamy latte taste then whip in some creamy milk, you can also try adding some plant-based milk like oats milk soy milk or almond milk. lean back and sip your delicious green matcha latte.

Enjoy Your Matcha Chai from the Comforts of your Home

Aki Matcha sells the best matcha tea powder from Japan. Enjoy the health benefits of original matcha as you sip your “chai” Try out our chai latte powder that gives you an amazing boost of energy. 

Authentic Matcha Sold Online by Aki Matcha

Aki Matcha sells authentic matcha tea powder from Japan, certified by ECOCERT Japan as organic. We bring to you the best quality matcha tea, authentic and organically grown in the farms of Japan.

AKI MATCHA sells USDA Certified Organic and Ceremonial grade Matcha Green Tea Powder, cultivated In Shizuoka Japan, and shade-grown Matcha Tea powder made from family tea farms in Japan. 

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It is rich in antioxidants and heals oxidative stress, making you look young and radiant with glowing skin improves your cognitive health, by strengthening your neurotransmitters, is beneficial for the heart, and helps strengthen your endocrine health. It aids weight loss, by speeding up your metabolic rate and improving your overall physical and mental fitness.

Aki Matcha Latte Powder  

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Wholesale Matcha Tea Powder 

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