What Surprising Health Benefits Does Matcha Green Tea Brings For Men?

Numerous studies have shown that Japanese matcha powder contains certain magical nutrients that hold massive health benefits for men especially . In fact, in the USA, it is widely regarded as one of the healthiest drinks on earth.

Still, some men would simply just grab a coffee for an early-morning refreshment. That’s mostly because they’re unaware of the dreadful harmful effects that the caffeine in coffee has. Or that they are clueless about the surprising health benefits of matcha green tea for men.

Here, we will be putting a spotlight on the male-specific benefits of organic matcha green tea powder . But first, let’s take a glimpse at an interesting masculine history of matcha green tea

Make sure to share this with the male figures in your life and let them reap the goodness of matcha. 

The “Manly” Element In The History Of Matcha Green Tea

The Japanese male samurai (member of the Japanese warrior caste) learned the fine art of brewing matcha from the Buddhist monks. Like the Buddhists, Japanese samurai also believed that matcha possessed elements contemplative to meditation. So, they savored the matcha green tea before mediation. 

The Japanese samurai found tapping into the practice of mediation with the aid of matcha quite beneficial. They were able to recover quickly physically and acquired more mental stamina for battle. Hence, matcha became a popular drink among the Japanese samurai long before gaining a place in the Japanese tea ceremony. 

Now, Let’s Dive Into Health Benefits Of Matcha Green Tea For Men

Boosts Clarity And Function Of Brain

Matcha tea contains a certain type of amino acid called L-theanine. It crosses and boosts the blood-brain barrier. Thus, men who drink matcha can increase their focus and maximize the concentration facility of their brains. Matcha is also rich in polyphenols which are capable of lowering inflammation in brain cells. They help to fight brain cancer tumors. 

May Prevent Heart Disease

According to the World Health Organization, cardiovascular diseases are the number one killer of men in the world. 

Most men love and consume red meat regularly. No doubt, it is an excellent source of protein in the body. However, it also raises the concentration of LDL cholesterol in the body. And this high LDL concentration has been reported as a high-risk factor for heart diseases. 

Some of the components in matcha green tea have been proven to fight LDL cholesterol. Thereby, matcha highly reduces the risk of early heart attacks in men.

Increases Sperm Count

Sperm is very susceptible to free radicals. These radicals are highly reactive toxins that every human body possesses. It causes oxidative damage to body cells and DNA. 

Most of these free radicals can be neutralized by the actions of antioxidants present in matcha tea. Thus, matcha helps in improving male fertility. 

Prevents Prostate Cancer

The growth of prostate cancer cells happens due to the actions of damaged DNA in the male reproductive system. And matcha green tea effectively repairs such damaged DNA. The tea is truly very instrumental in preventing the creation of prostate cancer cells.

Integrate Matcha Into Your Daily Routine With Aki Matcha 

Men don’t have to brew matcha the traditional way just like the samurai to reap its benefits. You can prepare and enjoy matcha in any way you like- tea, latte, cake, or smoothie.

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