Wholesale Matcha Powder Available in the US

Wholesale Matcha Powder Available in the US

Matcha tea powder is a powerful source of sustained energy. It keeps you in an upbeat mood and boosts your cognitive functions and overall health, it brings down your hypertension and improves your immune system.

Sportspersons are cutting back on coffee and replacing it with matcha tea. Matcha tea is a healthy replacement for other caffeinated drinks. Fitness enthusiasts all over the world consume matcha to boost their energy levels and improve their performance.

Organic Matcha in Wholesale is now available for you online in the United States. Aki Matcha sells original matcha tea powder that is grown on the farms of Japan, and certified as organic by ECOCERT Japan.

Benefits of Matcha tea 

Matcha is Rich in antioxidants and helps to heal health issues caused by oxidative stress, it strengthens your cognitive health, by stimulating your neurotransmitters it is a powerful immunity booster, highly beneficial for your heart, and keeps you feeling great throughout the day.

 It helps you lose weight, by speeding up your metabolism and improves your overall fitness. Matcha tea spikes your energy levels, especially great for workouts as you get a sustained and steady energy boost without feeling the crash that you normally feel when you take other caffeinated beverages.

Original Organic Matcha Wholesale

Bulk organic matcha from farms in Japan is available online in the United States, AKI MATCHA, sells USDA-certified matcha powder and organic matcha wholesale. We sell Original Ceremonial grade Matcha Tea powder from Japan, Ceremonial-grade matcha is cultivated traditionally by farmers in Japan. It is grown in the shade by the local tea farmers in Japan. 

AKI MATCHA sells matcha powder online on Amazon and Walmart. You can now enjoy your favorite matcha drink right from wherever you are in the United States. Prepare a serving of delicious matcha lattes by adding a scoop of colorful Organic matcha powder, make smoothies by whisking matcha powder, and relish the healthy and delicious matcha.

Bulk Japanese Green Tea in Wholesale 

Matcha powder is available for purchase, you can now buy the latest batch of matcha powder online. 

Organic matcha powder can be purchased wholesale online, for wholesale pricing and orders visit our website, matcha powder is available in small quantities for personal use and wholesale if you are planning for commercial use. To get the details of pricing, please fill out the Wholesale Price Request Form below. And we will be glad to send you our Matcha Samples with Details.

 Here is the link for purchasing matcha samples:

Aki Match offers 

  • Original and authentic matcha tea powder, cultivated in the farms of Japan, without the use of any harmful pest control 
  • Matcha tea powder with great health benefits 
  • Colourful aromatic and tasty and fresh matcha powder 
  • 100% certified by USDA organic wholesale matcha powder in bulk and small quantities 
  • Matcha  tea powder can be purchased easily online by visiting our website or you can buy it from Amazon and Walmart.

Organic Matcha is the Best Selling beverage and  

Aki Matcha is USDA Certified. Organic Matcha, Ceremonial Grade, and Spring Harvest. High-Performance Matcha Tea. To buy bulk Matcha and matcha powder for personal consumption you can click on the link below 


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