6 Proven Health Benefits Of Matcha Ice Tea

Matcha powder is made from the Camellia sinensis plant, just like green tea. It is, however, grown uniquely and has a distinct nutritional profile. But as it's produced from the whole leaf, it has a higher concentration of antioxidants.

This iced type of classic Matcha green tea, brewed using the iced coffee technique, is super easy to make and pleasant for Matcha lovers.  So, you can easily incorporate it into your diet and add a burst of flavour to your day. Aki Matcha provides the best quality organic Japanese matcha with maximum health benefits. Hence, to help you attain the benefits of matcha ice tea let’s talk about preparing a matcha ice tea recipe.

Matcha Ice Tea Recipe 

Take 60 seconds from your 24 hours of the day, and you’re ready-

Ingredient list:

  • 1 teaspoon of Aki Matcha powder 
  • Honey (three teaspoons) (or sugar to taste)
  • 6 cubes of ice
  • 350 milliliters of milk
  • 1 tablespoon chia seeds, soaking (optional)
  • As you’ve known how easy is to make matcha ice tea now, here’s to present you with the excellent health benefits of matcha ice tea,

    6 Health benefits of matcha ice tea that have been proven by science

    1. Protects your liver & kidney

    If you take matcha ice tea daily, it can help protect your liver against non-alcoholic fatty liver disease.  You want to lower your liver enzymes, which otherwise damage your liver when they're too high. 

    As per one study matcha was given to diabetic rats for 4 months and found to help reduce kidney damage and liver. As a result, consuming matcha tea protects both your liver and kidneys. 

    2. Helps to lose weight

    Matcha tea accelerates weight reduction by powering up your metabolism and increasing energy cost and fat burning. You want to burn your fat faster with moderate exercise while drinking matcha ice tea

    3. Promotes heart health

    Heart disease is the main cause of death in people after the age of 35, accounting for almost one-third of all deaths. 

    Matcha tea has been proven to lower triglyceride levels, as well as total and "bad" LDL cholesterol. Drinking matcha ice tea, paired with a well-balanced diet and a healthy lifestyle, can aid your heart health and protect you from disease.

    4. Prevent cancer

    Matcha ice tea is high in health-promoting chemicals, including ones associated with proven cancer prevention in animals. Green tea extract reduced tumor size and inhibited the growth of breast cancer cells in mice in one research

    Our matcha green tea powder is particularly abundant in epigallocatechin-3-gallate (EGCG), catechin with potent anti-cancer effects. 

    5. Maintains good dental health

    Yes, the antibacterial qualities of matcha ice tea can help to keep your teeth healthy by reducing the formation of bad germs in your mouth. So, if you want to take good care of your teeth, drink matcha ice tea

    6. Improve brain functionality

    A study on 23 persons looked at how they fared on a series of tasks designed to assess brain performance. In comparison to the placebo, it was found that matcha improved attention, response time, and memory.  

    Our purest form of Japanese matcha is rich in caffeine and L-theanine to improve different aspects of your brain function, like boosted concentration. 

    Making your search for the perfect matcha powder easier

    Aki Matcha’s Japanese matcha powder comes from the rich green lands of Japanese matcha tea gardens. Our matcha powder can efficiently serve you the benefits of matcha ice tea. You can buy our top-quality matcha powder from your nearest store or buy online. 

    Contact Aki Matcha for an excellently served quality matcha powder!

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