Matcha safe for pregnancy

Drinking Matcha Green Tea While Pregnant: Is it safe?

Remember when avocado toast was a new trending thing? Now, it has become that exotic breakfast that we order once in a while.

Well, matcha tea has sparked the same craze over the years. Thanks to Instagram and its array of influencers who’ve spoken at length about the  best Japanese ceremonial tea  benefits! Matcha has become so popular that you’ll find it in everything:  lattes, desserts, and even shots.

But what exactly is matcha green tea?

For those who’re at loss about matcha, it is a type of green tea. It is made by grinding green tea leaves into bright, green powder.

While the social media influencers and brands are going gaga over matcha tea and its innumerable benefits, lots of us wonder – “is matcha safe during pregnancy”?

So in this blog, we thought of clearing away all the clouds of doubts about matcha safe for pregnancy. Read on and know our answer!

Matcha Safe For Pregnancy: Is Matcha Filled With High Caffeine Content?

Matcha tea does contain caffeine, but not as much as in a cup of coffee.

 A cup of matcha green tea contains only 25 mg of caffeine. The Starbucks Matcha latte contains 80 mg of caffeine. Even the Starbucks Matcha caffeine content is quite lower than an average-sized cup of coffee (100-140 mg of caffeine).

So yes, drinking matcha while pregnant is quite safe. But it is wise to limit matcha tea consumption and other sources of caffeine while pregnant.

Benefits Of Matcha Tea During Pregnancy

The beneficial plant compounds in matcha tea can improve health before, during, and after pregnancy. Catechins of matcha block the formation of tumors, support the immune system, and reduce blood pressure. It can also keep pregnancy complications such as preeclampsia at bay. 

Additionally, matcha tea reduces stress and anxiety, all credits to the amino acid L-theanine! This can be beneficial for first-time mothers or those experiencing a difficult pregnancy.

Matcha Consumption For Breastfeeding Mothers

The best Japanese ceremonial tea is not only a safe caffeine alternative for pregnant moms, but for breastfeeding moms too. 

But do note - breastfeeding moms shouldn’t consume more than 300 mg of caffeine per day. So, even if you’re drinking matcha tea, consume it moderately.

Also, do keep an eye on the dynamics of the baby’s body. For instance, if you notice changes in the baby’s sleeping cycle, then reduce your matcha intake. 

Note of Caution!

While there’s no doubt that drinking matcha during pregnancy is safe, remember moderation is the key.

Excess matcha consumption has some dark sides:

  • Increases exposure to contaminants such as chemicals, pesticides, and arsenic found in soil
  • People who drink an excessive amount of green tea have been detected with liver issues.

So, always keep in mind to drink matcha or any other nutrients in moderate amounts while pregnant. One to two cups of matcha tea a day is a healthy number. Also, make sure to consume only the certified and best-grade matcha powder from Aki Matcha.

Keep Caffeine Intakes Down During Pregnancy With Aki Matcha

Consuming our premium matcha powder while pregnant is safe. It can shake you off the fatigues without giving you a high caffeine rush. In fact, our organic quality matcha powder will make it easy for your tiny peanut to grow well. 

So, for all the pregnant moms out there, make sure to add Aki Matcha’s green tea to your Amazon shopping list today. Drink better, drink healthy!

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