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Best Ceremonial Grade Matcha: A History to unreel

Whether you love to start your morning whipping a fresh cup of matcha or are a big fan of matcha lattes and cookies, by now, you must have come across different grades of matcha.  Matcha green tea is generally divided into two grades: ceremonial grade matcha and culinary grade matcha. Today we will unveil the history and talk about ceremonial grade matcha and how they are intended to be used, along with the benefits of drinking the best ceremonial grade matcha. HISTORY OF THE BEST CEREMONIAL GRADE MATCHA Ceremonial grade matcha has been around for centuries. The trend of green tea was started in China by Buddhist monks, Zen masters and students during the 4th century. Over the years, this tradition spread across Japan, and during the...

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Yummy Recipes Using the Best Matcha Powder in Japan

We know you love matcha – and therefore, you are here – in search of delicious matcha recipes. The taste, color, and texture brimming with health benefits make it a miraculous beverage. We do not like to restrict the use of the best matcha powder in Japan only for tea and beverages. We wanted to take forward the tradition of matcha and incorporate it into different dishes. And stemming from the initiative of using the best matcha powder in Japan in different recipes – Aki Matcha – a famous Matcha brand in the US – has come up with these fantastic matcha recipes that not only contribute to your taste buds but also contribute to your health. 2 Delicious Matcha Recipes Using The Best...

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