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Why Japanese Organic Matcha has become the talk of the town

Apart from the most hyped Dalgona or the beaten coffee, matcha tea ranks as the second most popular drink of the recent time. While talking about it we must not forget to mention the finest quality Japanese Organic Matcha, one of the most sought-after beverages of health-conscious Gen Y. But why is it most sought after? What’s in it?

Background: What is Japanese Organic Matcha?

Evolving through a fascinating journey that started back some 1000 years, the matcha has made its mark as a premium ceremonial drink of Japan and become an integral part of Japanese culture.

The word ‘Matcha’ is a Japanese one meaning ‘powdered tea’. In a word, it is a finely ground Japanese Green Tea powder variant.

What Makes the Matcha Powder Organic?

Like every other purely organic product the Japanese Organic Matcha is devoid of the use of any chemical fertilizer or artificial material and any pesticides. That is why our Aki Matcha powder offers the best of that variant in the United States, California.

Why is Japanese Organic Matcha Everyone’s Favourite?

This is truly a wonder-drink packed with a lot of nutrients, antioxidants that give you a healthier body and stress-free mind.

Aki Matcha Japanese Organic matcha powder ceremonial grade matcha green tea powder

Let’s talk about 6 such benefits

  1. Prevents Cancer- Matcha has a highly beneficial antioxidant called catechins that strongly prevents the trespasser called cancer, in your body.
  2. Keeps Your Heart Healthy – Adding matcha to your diet will reduce the level of LDL cholesterol, known as bad cholesterol, thus lowering the risk of heart diseases to a great extent.
  3. Keeps You Calm – Matcha gives you the right amount of energy without excessive caffeine that doesn’t make you anxious or makes the blood pressure rise. So, you can stay calm and focused for long.
  4. Immunity Booster – Best matcha powder fortifies your immunity system thus making you fight against various deadly bacteria and viruses like Covid-19.
  5. Burns Calories – Hours of running on a treadmill will burn your unnecessary fat, but, what if you can’t afford it due to lack of time! Hence, rely on the Japanese Organic Matcha powder and feel the magic. The best matcha powder in Japan has the capacity to burn calories without telling you about your health. Trust Aki Matcha here for the best quality matcha powder.
  6. Has anti-aging properties – Japanese people are known for their long lives. The secret behind this is their food habits and lifestyle, where the best matcha in Japan plays a pivotal and ceremonial role. The properties of Japanese Organic Matcha combat aging and keep the skin smooth and healthy.

Japanese Organic Matcha – the conclusion

Hope the point is clear now. A single ingredient with so much in it naturally makes a place in the fitness nerds' hearts.  Most importantly, it gives you tons and takes only your choice and acceptance.

So, you can make your choice of drink with it, can bring jade leaf organic matcha -- culinary-grade powder for making your favorite desserts, or apply it on your face and skin to pamper yourself with some effective benefits.

Japanese Organic matcha is easily available on Aki Matcha online store.

Grab it today and make matcha your favorite too!

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